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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Inside the name

In the past whenever I have started a blog, it has been tradition that I explain the nickname Return To Hades. Although, this really is not a new blog, but an old blog starting anew - I would like to keep with the tradition of explaining what the nickname means.

I am a fan of mythology. Mythical tales of fantastic people, places and beasts have always fascinated me. What has interested me the most is the myths of ancient religions. The ancient Greek, Roman, Nordic stories about their Gods and Godddesses are fabulous amalgamations of ancient cultures with rich vivid word craft.

One of the fascinating stories is off the Greek God of the Underworld - Hades. Hades is the youngest brother of Zeus and Poseidon and rules the underworld or the land of the dead. Personally, I feel he was shafted in his responsibilities as he is a grim reclusive God living alone in the darkness of the underworld.

After years of loneliness Hades falls in love with Persephone, the daughter of the Goddess of earth Demeter. There are many versions of the story of Persephone, some say that she was raped and abducted for Hades; others say she too in love with the dark and mysterious Hades and followed him to the underworld. However, Demeter could not stand it. Whether it was the fact that her daughter was abducted or that her daughter had fallen for the most ineligible bachelor in town. She could not bear to have her daughter spend an eternity doomed in the underworld. A hurt and upset Demeter turned away from her duties to mourn. Consequently crops failed, famines and droughts spread, the land was arid and parched. The people began to cry and beg the Gods for mercy.

Zeus felt sorry for the suffering of the people and commanded Hades to return Persephone back to Demeter. However, Persephone had eaten four seeds of a pomegranate and was bound to return to Hades four months a year. Again there is debate if she consumed the seeds as gifts of love, or if she was tricked.

Hence the cycle of the season was born. When Persephone comes back every year, Demeter rejoices ushering in spring. The time when mother and daughter together, the earth blooms in full fever of summer. When time quickly passes and the day of Persephone's journey underground comes, Demeter slowly withers the world in the bright colors of fall. Finally when Persephone returns to Hades, the bitter harsh winter sets in cold and brutal like a broken womans heart.

Return to Hades is the celebration of the cycle of life. To enjoy the sweet scent of spring, we have to endure the harshness of winter. It is the ultimate expression of love and hate, emotion and obsession, passion and desire. In our own lives to be born again, to rediscover our selves and find new meaning in life - we often have to take the plunge into the underworld of our souls. Hades the term colloquially used is the expression for the land of the dead, a place which is our destiny.

Return to Hades because it is the most philosophically deep concepts in the world of mythology, that manages to encompass the meaning of life. Return to Hades because it just sounds completely cool, kick ass, awesome and Greek Gods are the most electrifying of all myths. Return to Hades because the acronym RTH is also awesome, like an explosive.

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