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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dear Prom Committe

I wanted to be honest with you and let you know that your theme of Victorian Masquerade for the senior prom is quite lame. Many people do not know who Victor and Masquer are, so they following will not be attending their senior prom because of the lame theme you have chosen.

Bishie_Boi (Cosplay Club)
One_Ring (LOTR Fan Club)
Iwannafuckcaptainjameskirk (Star Wars Fan Club)
Ho_Down (Country Club)
Yellow_Submarine (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club)
Razor_Ramon (YMCA)
VW_2 (Hippie Club)
MaryPickford (Roaring Twenties Club)
Avada_Kedarva (Club Voldemort)
Sexy_Wolf (Club Lupin)
I_LOVE_FELTON (Club Draco)
HarryPotter (Club Harry)
Wizards=Sin (The Christians against Harry Potter Club)

I understand that the prom committee conducted a student poll and many of us did not participate to let you know what theme we wanted. However, that is besides the point. I know Victorian costumes are expensive. But cost is not the matter here. I would have spent money to buy a Utena or Spock outfit, but whats the point if my friends cannot be Anthy or Kirk. We could all collectively dress like Victor's Ian, but that is besides the point too.

I know as editor of the school paper I promised a full page advertisement for the prom. But only if the democratically chosen theme was one that my friends agreed on. But the school paper is not the point here.

I am considering organizing my own anti-prom dance for people who cannot attend your lame prom. All I need to do is get 50% of these people to agree to one theme. My democratic processes will be more betterly democratic than yours. I think it might be Harry Potter, But Harry Potter and Voldemort do not get along. But that is also besides the point.

So I don't know what the point really is, but thats beside the point to. So consider this as an anti RSVP to your lame invitation.

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