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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Flight of the Thornbird

The young fledgling soared across the sky in search of the perfect thorn. It knew not what a thorn was. No clue on how to find it or what it looked like. Yet the fledgling flew confident of finding its destination. To find that perfect thorn that would pierce its heart and enable it to fill the skies with the most beautiful melody. A song fit for the God's of the sun and stars.

One day it came across, a jagged edge from the mountains reaching out towards the skies. The Thornbird found itself fascinated and drawn. It knew not if it was a thorn, but it sure filled its heart with a magical song waiting to be heard. Should it sweep down and pierce the heart the fledgling wondered. However, the flock cried out, "Oh young fledgling, thats not a thorn, its just a rock". The song in its heart, was drowned out by a painful echo of shattering cliffs. "If you were not a rock, but a thorn, I would sing my heart's song for you" cried the fledgling and flew on.

The fledgling now a young bird, flew into an old oak savanna. Somewhere in the vast expanse of these shrubs and bushes, lay hidden its thorn of destiny, the Thornbird was convinced. One day under the stately blue oak, amidst the auburn colors of red in the dirt, the bird spotted a tender spear. "Are you a thorn?" inquired the bird. The young spear trembled in the wind and whimpered "I know not who I am, I could be a thorn, but I'm just a child, I need to grow".

Resolute that it had found its thorn, the destiny of its life, the bird nested in the tall oak to nurture its thorn. It would swoop down over the animals that would threaten to trample the tender shoot, it pecked upon the insects that would pierce the roots of its thorn. Autumn and winter had past and the spring sun beat down on the savanna. The tender little spear spiralled four feet into the sky. On a summer's eve the spear called upon the thornbird. The Thornbird felt its heart swell with song. Melody drifted through the winds as it fluttered its wings in a gentle descent. Soon the sky would echo with song, as the thorn would spear its heart.

The tall spear and its companions rippled in the wind and shimmered green and gold. Spoke the spear softly "Dear bird, I thank you for your love and affection. I wish I were a thorn, but I am but a mere needle of grass. I want to stand stiff and true, and pierce your heart with my blade. But I am afraid that I cannot do it, for I am just a needle of grass and I would bend and break"

Tears filled its eyes as the bird let out a cry and flew to the skies. Wildly flapping its wings, the Thornbird flew for days. Never stopping for wind, rain or storm. It flew through the wooded forests, and across burning prairies. It flew over mossy streams and crystalline lakes. It flew over barren sands and lush meadows.

The Thornbird was a mature bird now. It had flown across the world in vain searching for its thorn. It now fluttered aimlessly through the shady forest singing the songs of its journey. It sang songs of the chakor that swam up in the moonlight, striving to reach the moon someday. It sang songs about the noble gryphon selflessly protecting the lands. It sang of the self sacrificing phoenix that would emerge from its own ashes.

One day the Thornbird was pecking the ground for worms and seed, when it came across an unusual seedling. Dark and smooth like an onyx with a bright yellow eye. A yellow tendril scratched the earth trying to dig into the earth as the wind cruelly pried it away. Taking pity on the seedling, picked it up in its beak and flew into a clearing. It pecked a hole in the ground and gently dropped it in.

"Thanks!" cried the seedling "My name is Acacia, I come from a beautiful land, far far away in the heart of the dark continent. The winds never like the seeds of a strange land taking root amidst its whispering pines". The Thornbird chirped joyfully "Fear not dear Acacia, the wind dares not blow here, it fears the tall cliffs here".

The Thornbird and Acacia soon became friends. They shared stories of their travels and adventures. The Thornbird sang about its adventures, while Acacia unveiled the wondrous tales of mystique and magic in the dark continent". In the company of the Thornbird Acacia grew taller and stronger.

Then one day Acacia stopped growing and began to wither away. First the Thornbird approached the cliffs "Oh great cliffs, have you betrayed your song let the winds breakdown my friend". "We stand true and strong" retorted the cliffs "The winds chip at us and destroy our glory, but we stand tall and do not let them through" Then the Thornbird chided the gazelles "I fly through the skies to find you the most fragrant berries, yet you feed on my friend". The leader of the gazelles leapt forward and said "Thornbird, we would never betray our true friend. I'm hurt that you chide us for my flock would never feed on a thorn tree"

"A thorn tree" the bird exclaimed in alarm, flapping its wings hard flew to its beloved Acacia. How could it have not known. The bird may have given up on destiny, but destiny had not given up on the bird. How fitting that the most beautiful song of them all, be sung for its beloved Acacia. "Acacia, my love" the bird chirped "You cannot wither away, you have to grow strong and tall for me. For it is in your thorns, I shall pierce my heart and sing you the most beautiful song in the world. I can feel the melody swelling in my heart. You have heard the song of the Gryphon and Chakor, of doves and eagles, of songbirds across the world, but the song that will burst out with the prick of your thorn is unlike any you have ever heard before".

"My friend Thornbird" replied Acacia "that is what I fear. I am a thorn tree and you are a thornbid. Destiny has written us to be. However, friend as much as my branches yearn to grow and pierce your heart to revel in the song that was made for me; I do love all the songs you sing to me. The song of the gryphon, the chakor, the doves, eagles and the songbirds. I cannot bear a world without these melodious songs lighting up everyday. I have no care for the ultimate song written by destiny for me, I only want my Thornbird to be with me forever. I shall not grow to bear thorn"

"But you shall die if you refuse to grow, and I shall have no one to sing. Beloved Acacia, if I promise I shall never pierce my heart upon your thorn, would you please grow and live for me" cried the Thornbird.

So Acacia the thorntree grew tall and strong. Amidst her delicate yellow flowers, that filled the air with sweet fragrance of the frothy white nile, she grew dark and beautiful deadly thorns. The Thornbird looked at them with longing. Its heart ached to have the thorn pierce through its flesh. The Thornbird thought the agony of longing would drive it to insanity. Whenever it stood on Acacias branches to sing for her, it felt like jumping onto the alluring thorns. However, it always remembered its promise to Acacia. The Thornbird loved Acacia so much that it could never bear to break her heart.

Everytime temptation called, the thornbird would fill its heart with Acacia's love. One spring eve the Thornbird felt a temptation so dire, that it mustered up all the love and memories it had of Acacia. Then something unexpected and surprising happened. The Thornbirds felt its heart welling up with its magical song. Its wings flitted to the rhythm and its whole body was pulsating with the ultimate song. It felt a stab in the heart and soard to the skies filling the evening with the magical song of the Thornbird. The Thornbird flew across the forest singing its song of love for Acacia. The creatures of the forest began to dance to the song in a frenzy, the cliffs forgot to hold their own and crumbled letting the wind through. Even the mighty wind forgot its destruction and casually flew across the forest whistling its tune.

The Thornbird sang louder and heartier as it realized the most beautiful truth of its life. There was no need for a thorn, the song was always there in its heart. Acacia smiled at the broken upon her branch, the thorn that had accidentally grazed the chest of her Thornbird. She laughed at how she had misunderstood their destiny. The thorn had changed nothing at all. Once she was in the thornbird's heart, the thorn meant nothing at all.

Moral of the story: Sometimes you cannot help but sing? There is always a thorn in the side?
People actually read through stories about birds and trees? Have you heard this tale before? Please share what you learned, I am curious..............

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