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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


There are those days you feel on top of the world, days filled with joy, love and hope. Then there are those days where you hurt. The fact that you are human makes you sick to the core and you want to hurl. An eerie feeling of desiring to crawl out of your own skin and vanish into nothing. That feeling where there is no good left, just bitter oblivion.

Today as I was surfing the news online, I came across a news article that made my heart ache and brought tears to my eyes. Everyday, I read stories about rapes, murders, war, crime, recession, depression and all that good stuff and I can sustain through without batting an eye. However, I am inherently flawed and this story took its toll.

Lucy a two year old Weimaraner was hit by a car after she slipped from her home. The driver did not give a damn and just drove on. That was not the worst though. Some moronic hero assuming himself to be some great gift of god thought it was in the best interest of Lucy to hit her with a hammer to bludgeon her to death. After suffering the beating she was shot by the sherrif's aide. Hopefully, the served as a soothing final respite from an excruciatingly prolonged and mayhap needless death. It just broke me down from within.

It ushered back painful memories as a twelve year old child, watching a hapless puppy being bludgeoned to death. Not with any club or ordinary stones, but a stick with nails. All because the dog was rabid. Sometimes on those bad nights we have, I still hear those heartwrenching yelps. I find myself seething with rage of all the passersby, who stood and watched.

I don't believe in altering fate. Whenever, people ask me what I would change in my life my answer is nothing. My life is perfect. However, if I really could have one shot at altering fate I would ask to go back to that fateful day. Have God grant my twelve year old self the courage to run out of the house, grab the stick from the man and whack him in the balls with it. If it the nails pierce my vitals, so be it.

We argue over administering lethal doses to terminally ill and pyschotically dangerous people, let alone beat them to death. We would not dream of bludgeoning a victim of a hit and run. I think the least we can do is let an animal die with dignity.

Although, I have to say there is some hope and fairness left in the cosmic justice. As horrible as it sounds, my seemingly innocent twelve year old soul took a lot of immense pleasure over the death of a human. A human who died all alone, far away from home on business. A human who suffered a massive heart attack, with no one to give a damn about it. A human who died and no one cared or noticed till the stench of his rotting corpse displeasured some noses. The force has an uncanny way of balancing itself.

Needless to say, I came home and wrapped myself around Aria giving her a big squeezing bear hug. As usual she was being a loud obnoxious pain and I told her off, but I still had to hold her close. I even kissed my Lucky Lee and the stinky Nikki Chan and the lazy fat ass Maxwell Fettucie.

As a human I know I am inherently flawed that my soul stirs for these animals more than it will for any human. I know its probably warped that I detest infants, and consider Aria as my beloved baby girl. But thats the way I am, and I truly believe that this is just another way how the force balances itself.

The truth too is there is something that you get back that no human can ever give or even has the capacity to give - Unconditional love. A pet does not care whether you are rich or poor, smart or stupid, important or nobody. No matter what happens whenever you come home they are always there waiting to say "I'm so glad your back. Welcome home. I love you. I missed you."

Seriously....how can you not fall in love with this adorable droopy face. I already feel much better now, because I am so lucky to have this family.


PhoeniXof_Hades said...

Hey, I liked this post of yours! Very touching and emotional. Almost made me cry.

Tay said...

oh, this killed me. 2 years ago this august, i stood around while my son and my companion, Thor, was shot and when that didnt work, bludgeoned to death in an alley a block away from house. i cant even begin to describe my guilt over not stopping it.

idk. i guess all im trying to say is this tugged at my heart-strings in a way nothing has since then, and i couldnt appreciate it more.