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Friday, August 28, 2009

Health Care Reform

Or Fokken Americans!!!

I lost my supervisory job because the company shifted their call centers to Makati.

Unlike some I do not blame the Filipinos. I've spoken to some of my replacements in Makati. They are really nice hardworking people. Their attendance and performance is better too. I do not even blame the business, businesses are here to make money and improve efficiencies.

Fokken Americans and their fokken crappy work ethic. Fokken Americans and their fokken eternal fear of socialism that business regulation is out of the question.

I could not afford the health care through my work, so I purchased private individual health insurance.

I do not blame the insurance companies, they are here for profits. I do not blame my company, it is a small business and cannot afford low cost health insurance like the big boys. It is a farm operation and there are risks, which unfortunately even the office folk have to bear the cost off.

Fokken Americans and for letting the government ignore small businesses. Fokken Americans and their fokken attitudes to small town farmers and their ignorance and apathy towards companies looting rural America.

My wages were cut by 5% in light of the recession.

I was lucky not to be laid of again. I do not blame the company. Times are rough, but they kept me despite being the new one and least experienced in a specialized industry. They are giving me a lot of training and development opportunities as they can. Thank God for the Obama government and their stimulus funds towards stormwater management and green business.

Fokken Americans for voting a fokken government that fought a fokken worthless war for fokken selfish reasons and took the fokken country and its economy down the drain.

My insurance premium will be increasing 33% this November. If this continues, it will eventually become unaffordable.

I do not blame the insurance company. They work in a capitalist environment and are out to make profits. I do not blame the pharmaceutical companies for overcharging for medications because, they legally can and why should they not. I do not blame everyone who works in an inefficient and selfish system that literally rapes the citizens of this country - because they are allowed to and people feel it is acceptable to do so.

Fokken Americans and their resistance to reform. Fokken Americans and their irrational occultic fears of public health care. Fokken Americans who think Europe, Canada and the rest of the fokken world are just fokken dumb shit for what they do. Fokken Americans for thinking that government option would ruin our system. Fokken Americans for they probably think I am a fokken lazy immigrant on welfare who deserves to die for lack of health care if I cannot afford to pay the premiums.

Fokken Americans because I am Asian and I am magic and know how to manage my expenses to make ends meet despite this epic rip off. Fokken Americans because if this was Fokken you, you would be Fokken screwed for your life. Yet I hope this would never befall you and am actually open to the idea of spending more of my hard earned money that comes from 40+ hours a week including grueling labor in the heat and dirt to pay for a better system so that no human being ever be ripped of or be denied of basic rights and care. I'm such a fokken retard and softie.

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Anonymous said...

Nicely written and touching too. I feel lucky that I haven't been affected by this damned recession till now.