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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Many Moods of Rain

Ah, the rainfall. A simple downpour of water from the skies. An ordinary event explained in textbooks. Yet, its a fascinating, mysterious and somewhat elusive phenomenon, that evokes so many moods and ambiances.

First there is the joy of the first rainfall. The scorching parched earth welcomes the sprays of monsoon into its bosom, like a mother embracing the long lost child. It fills the atmosphere with that delicate yet robust earthy scent, that makes every person feel that loving embrace. People smile in contentment as the cooling veils of water, relieve them from the harsh beating heat of the summer sun. Even a passing shower can light up the mood on an entire sunbeaten town.

Then there that inexplicable feeling swept in by the rains, that gives you butterflies in your stomach. It's a sweet and savory tantalizing mood evoked by the drizzles in the atmosphere. There is some strange naughty but nice sensation of the cool droplets trickling down from your wet locks. It is a strange feeling being hugged by your moist clothes as tiny rivulets flow across your skin. While there is a very hormonal twinge to it, it still brings out the child in you, making grown men and women catch a drop on their tongue, jump through the puddles, loose their inhibitions and kick soccer under the deluge.

Perhaps its this inexplicable feeling that makes the rain so romantic. There is just something incredibly romantic in wading through knee deep floodwaters with someone you care for. I am not sure exactly, how and why, but walking silently through the curtains of rainfall just seem to add so many more layers of depth to any relationship. You just walk silently, soaking in the rain, sometimes not even acknowledging the other, and still manage to have some deeper level of conversation. Monsoon has the power to make you fall in love again and again.

Yet at the same time there is something incredibly sad and painful about the rain. Every now and the the clouds are not bearers of joy or romance, but are dark messengers of a heartbreaking tale of unrequited or unfulfilled love. The fluffy little havens of bliss are transformed into stern colossal towers that cloak the entire world in a gloom of misery. You do not know why, but you feel sad knowing someone, somewhere is aching in their heart and you think of all the things that make your own heart ache.

There is something thunderous and mighty about dark rainclouds. Their larger than life booming presence serves as a reminder of your insignificance and slightness in the whole scheme of things. It asks who are you to deserve all that joy, what have you done on this planet. The storms drown you in their loud claps and earth shaking din.

Deep down in the sadness, you still live, love and hope. For through it all electric flashes of hope streak through the skies, reminding you that all will be good in due time. You know that the darkness will pass and the sun will shine. A colored spectacle unveils itself reminding you that all hope is not in vain. The world eagerly awaits the next rainfall, eagerly anticipating what moods it will bear this time.

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PhoeniXof_Hades said...

Wow...that's all I got to say. Your writing left me speechless. I was thinking of writing an essay on the inexplicable power of rain for quite a long time.