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If I were in a highschool yearbook, they would vote me most likely to die of a lynch mob. That does not prevent me from opening my mouth and serving a warm hearty cup of STFU to people who deserve it. My dark scathing humor will leave no matter of existence untouched. My innocence will touch your soul.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Open Letter

To the head of Douchebags International Collective Konsortium,

RE: 2010 Douchebag Nomination


The esteemed art of douchbaggery is a rare and prestigious gift. A gift with the delicate art to word vomiting with a refined ability to incite, offend and that amazing effect called foot in mouth. It is no mean task to appear and speak like a raving rabid rabbit who also suffers from vampirism sucking people dry. It requires years of hard work and dedication to become a despicable person like a douchebag. To be a part of a society with the ranks of Joe McCarthy and Nathaniel Bedford would be a most high honor in douchebaggery. Only the cream of the crom, the most loathsome douchebag can receive such honor.

Which is why I would like to nominate a world class douchebag from my homeland. Please do not be taken aback by his fashion sense. Orange is very much the new pink where he comes from. Some of you are perhaps already in love with him as he very much propagates a similar sentiment to America is for white Americans back home. In fact he kicks it up a notch. To illustrate if he were in America, New York would be declared for white Americans only and would expel all the good cabbies and replace them with pasty white dudes. I bet you are already salivating at his potential.

There is more. That useless invention of good for nothing do gooders called freedom of expression that is needlessly followed across the world. When it comes to laying the smackdown to freedom of expression, he is the boss. Forget being some ditzy blonde who burns down books like Harry Potter and such for promoting Satanism amidst the youth. In fact if he were in America, Michael Moore would really hope he had good health care for he would be in the hospital after being beaten by frenzied lynch mobs for uttering a word against the government. He has that kind of douchebagging power, you Dicks can only dream off. Why if he were here I doubt if we would have any movies to watch or books to read or CD's too listen, for all those movies, books and music is made by liberal weiners who love terror loving terrorists, bloody terrorists the whole liberal lot of them.

I nominate the stellar achiever in douchebaggery and his entire army of winged monkeys with flaming arses to join your elite club. It is my opinion that they be placed right alongside that man who called the holocaust a hoax and Ann Coulter. You may be hesitant to give him such a high honor considering he is but a newbie. I implore you to give him a chance. He has the potential that I am sure he could beat that woman who offered cake or that dude who played the fiddle. While he may not have played the fiddle, his city burns and he has made allusions that outsiders should be fed to the dogs for only an outsider would do such a thing, just like Christians burned down Rome.

With Warm Regards

Attached: His remarkable resume

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