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Monday, August 16, 2010

When the Heathen fasts (Day 3)

Today was the big day. I could not escape food cravings by sleeping most of the day. I had to be at work at 8 Am, stay there for 9 hours and not crave food or water. I had to endure an hour lunch, and find how to spend it without eating. I had to speak with coworkers and customers till my mouth ran dry and not drink water.

The first few hours were easy. They did not refill the candy bowl so that was good. Then after a few customer calls my mouth went dry. My water bottle stood there in front of me and flirted "Hello there, want to get wet with me. Hmm delicious lick your lips water. You want to press your lips and my rim and slowly sip on the goodness inside". I'm not sure where I mustered the strength from, but I picked it up and shoved it behind the phone out of my sight. My digits did not slip even once to caress the opening.

I spent my lunch time online and took a nap in my car. In retrospect the nap was too short. I should have skipped IF and spent the entire hour napping. I somehow survived the remaining day and the drive home. Coming home, I twiddled online some more till it was time to take the dog out. It was another gorgeous day outside with cool climate and breeze. Its funny how after some sweltering heat and head advisories the days have gotten pleasant again. I swear I had no idea the weather was supposed to be so kind this week.

I'm still suffering with the hacking cough. They are already saying "Off with my head" at work. Without some hot tea to sip all day the throat is creating a real ruckus. Then there is this issue with the mouth going stale. I don't know if food and water cleanse the palate or something and keep it fresh. I feel as if my mouth is going stale faster on the fast. In fact my mouth felt so stale and bitter, that I went to the restroom several times and rinsed and cleaned my tongue.

Lessons from Day 3

1) They should consider combining maun vrat with this fast. Talking gives one a dry mouth. So if you are abstinent from water - don't talk. Another reason to love the internet, the ability to talk without dry mouth.
2) I wonder if they have some prescription for stale mouth - like a mint leaf  you can chew and spit or something. I'm not feeling very confident of the breath these days.

Some people fast for love, some people fast for faith - what really does the heathen fast for? Sometimes I'm confused. What drives me and keeps me going? What force did I call on to keep that bottle of water away? If the force is strong with me for what reason? Since people fast for love, todays fast is dedicated to my dogs and cats - If fasting brings any purity or goodwill or longevity or blessings - I dedicate it to those who truly deserve unconditional love.

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