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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When the Heathen fasts (Day 5)

Day five on the whole was uneventful. By this time it is almost as if fasting is a lifestyle. I won't make a tall claim that I could do it for a month or more. But I think if I did it day by day, I actually have some discipline in me for being a heathen. You get used to it. The only thing I am not getting used to is feeling as if a skunk died in my mouth. I've been using Listerine, and rinsing with water frequently at work. It should be fine I hope.

Work was uneventful. Not eating or drinking is no biggie. I crave Cream Soda at times but it dissipates quickly, I'm learning that self control. The only eventful thing at work was crashing my computer and moving to a different cube. It kept my mind occupied too. Now I also look forward to lunchtime which I spend a good hour sleeping in my car. Its awesome.

The only challenge was having to cook a meal today. Since my sister is not fasting and she was coming home from work late, I was supposed to make spaghetti. I actually procrastinated hoping she would help me as I am hopeless in the kitchen. But she came roaring like a hungry lion and charged like a raging bull. So I quickly set to work. Put the water to boil, put the meatballs to roast, heated the sauce, put the pasta in. Then came the time to test if the pasta was done. My sister was biting my head off over it. So in one moment of complete slip of the mind while addressing her, I held a spaghetti to my mouth and bit it. But I immediately stopped myself and took it from my mouth. I't was a teeny bite, no taste, no consumption. I then decided to check pasta doneness with only my fingers. The sauce was tantalizing and meatballs sizzling. I however, was unmoved. I cleared the counters, swept the kitchen and took the dog for a walk.

It was almost 7:45 when I went for a walk today. That meant I came back at 8:45 almost. I thought to myself, hey - I might be able to do the fasts till 9 too maybe someday. I had my waffles and nutella sandwich snack at 11, so there is again some yummy in my belly. I sip on hot green tea all the time on the PC to soothe my throat from the lack of relief all day. I wonder if consuming Dayquill is allowed during the fast - it would maybe help me from annoying my coworkers.

Tomorrow will be a tough day. They are getting pizza at noon. It will be weird to say I am fasting, cos religiously I am not even supposed to be fasting. I also have to politely decline a lunch offer for Friday.

Lessons from Day 5

1) It is no wonder Italians really never jumped on any fasting brigade. How else are you supposed to tell if your pasta is done.
2) I'm really curious as to what they did back in the day with no Listerine or disposable finger toothbrushes.

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