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Friday, August 20, 2010

When the Heathen Fasts (Day 7)

Today was the last and final day of my adventures in heathen fasting. I've completed the week with much more ease than I expected. I would love to take it day by day and see if I can stick to a month. Unfortunately, I visit family and have a wedding this weekend. So it is end of fast time for me. Besides I am a heathen beginner. Things ought to be small baby steps for me. Maybe a week, ten days, a fortnight - then a month. A year in the future? Now I guess that would be too much.

As usual, I did not wake up for the early morning eating. So I ran the day on my Nutella breakfast from 11 PM last night. Today was all preparation for the weekend getaway. Dropped the dog off, went downtown and had my ID card made, bought school text books, bought shoes and then went to the grocery store.

My nani wanted cheese singles for my nana. So I had to embark on a mission to the grocery store. Now I love snacks like jerky, go insane at the scent of coffee and as a Wisconsinite go bonkers over cheese. Usually grocer store outings are peppered with impulse buys of something to try or something to taste. However, this is the new me. A fasting me. A fast fasting me who is fast learning will power and strength I never had. I was amble to casually amble through the store and pick out the cheese I needed. I craved A&W Root beer, they make it with real vanilla. I've developed this whole new affinity for A&W Root Beer and Cream Soda. So I bought a large bottle and went home. Normally, I would crack open and chug down cold soda right away, but today - I just popped it in the refrigerator and went about to other business.

Lounged around a bit, packed my bags, kept thinking of random things to carry and shoved them in. I planned to mow the lawn but it rained, so that put a dampener on the plans. Now I will have to mow on Tuesday when we get back.

Anyway the rest of the evening was uneventful. I spent some time online and then some more packing and some stuff to pass the time till 8:15 and then I broke the fast. The best thing was that I got to drink my root beer during dinner. Ah cold vanilla sweetened root beer. Nothing like it. And when you have waited - it tastes a whole lot better. I don't need my breakfast at 11 PM today as I will be eating from tomorrow onwards. But I will drink tons of water. This has been quite an experience.

Lessons from Day 7

1) 24 hour grocery stores are a great idea. I wonder if the ancient faster went to grocery stores during their fast? Whatever did they do on sample Sundays?
2) Root Beer is always worth the wait
3) After 6 days the fast gets really boring. As in you have become immune to almost every temptation and nothing makes you feel awesomely powerful as you bleh away all potential crave creators. I wonder if this will last a while.

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