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Sunday, August 15, 2010

When the Heathen fasts (Day 2)

I did not think I had it in me to survive a second consecutive day. However, with the grace of the force the heathen sustained another day. I woke up quite late at almost 11:30 AM, that too when my sister woke me up. So obviously again the morning window to start up with some light food was missed.

Then I spent three excruciating hours at the mall, shopping for a dress to wear next weekend. Excruciating was the shopping part. I should actually be grateful for the excruciating shopping part, for it really kept my mind of the not eating or drinking. Finally threw an outfit together after hours. Then for the final act of torture my sister decided she wanted Paciugo's gelato. I'm such a foodie and sweet tooth and I love love love their gelato. So I watched in silent agony as she devoured three delicious flavors of smooth creamy velvety gelato.

The afternoon was spent online. It is amazing how time flies when you are on the internet. I had budgeted just an hour because I had other things I wanted to get to, but I procrastinated again by allowing myself to get carried away online.

Oh well before I knew it it was time for Aria's walk. I'm wondering what goodness I have done in this or past lives for the weather was gorgeous again. There was warm sunshine, a gentle cooling breeze. The effect of walking down the neighborhood streets under the evening rays and the dappled shade of the canopy was a soothing experience. There is just something magical about the experience of walking with ones faithful companion, and feeling one with nature - especially on lovely pleasant evenings enjoying as the sun sets and the colors of the sky slowly fade and then you reach home just in time for a humble meal. If I were creating my religion and had to create fasting rituals, it would definitely recommend sunrise and/or sunset walks - for its the best way for humans to feel connected with nature, with the world and get a feel for what being one with the force is all about.

The only real scare I had was when I hacked this afternoon and my own cough spittle went down the wrong way. I was doubled over choking wondering if I could Heimlich myself to freedom or if I would have to cave and drink some water. Luckily my system managed to hack out that spittle and some more, and I did not have to cave in. Seriously, it would be just my luck by choking on ones own spittle. In fact I think someday when I people are really counting on me to fast stringently this hacking and spittle is going to come back and haunt me.

Lessons from Day 2

1) The internet has made everything better. Time travels at 2 X speed on the internet converting 14 hour days to appeal like just seven hours of net time.
2) I don't think the original faster ever suffered from chronic hacking cough. For if they did like me they would have made elaborate special provisions and guidelines for what to do when you choke on your own spittle.

I'm hydrating myself with plenty of warm water now. It wakes me up at night too pee, but it keeps me during the day. I'm second guessing my idea of nutella and waffles breakfast at 11 PM. Its sitting a bit heavy in my belly. But I seriously cannot do the whole 5 Am thing.

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