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Friday, September 3, 2010

Remember the Titanic?

In April 1912 the seemingly innocuous state of water, otherwise known as Ice declared war against humanity in one of that decades most heinous acts of terror. With cold steely resolve an iceberg ripped a hole in the hull of the behemoth sized ship, sinking the unsinkable ship on its maiden voyage.

Unfortunately, we never learned from the Titanic. We callously continue the abhorrent use of ice-cubes in our drinks, without any regards for the tragedy of the Titanic. How can we forget the mayhem caused by the worst ice-cubes in history? It may not have been a conventional ice-cube, and might have been a bit of a rogue ice-cube to say. But in the end it was a giant evil ice-cube, with all the properties of ice-cube.

If the tragedy of the Titanic is not enough, Ice has slowly spread its wings of terror. Every winter, suicide icicles jump from buildings attacking innocent walkers on the street. Ice pelts from the skies and destroys our homes, crops and properties. It stealthily spreads across the surface of the roads sliding to unwitting drivers to gruesome ends. Ice is an intelligent and stealthy operator, often cutting of power and lines of communication when people need it the most. Every year the terror of ice claims so many lives.

No more I say, no more. It is time we put our foot down and stop cozying up to these little squares of pure evil. There is always more hidden to a ice-cube below the surface. Who knows what the cubes have in mind? Of course the cubes in my freezer had nothing to do with the Titanic, but the question still remains - why me, why my drinks? I mean do we really need ice cubes when there are other ways to chill drinks - like in a refrigerator? Should the industry have not died by now? It really makes me very suspicious of companies that make and sell ice cubes and ice trays.

I also move for Iceland and Vanilla Ice to change their names. Especially Iceland, the Titanic sank suspiciously close to this country that has "Ice" in its name, even though we know that its actually "Green"land that has more Ice. Why this suspicious love for Ice? Global Warming is one way to fight back and destroy the ice.

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