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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Story of the Thanksgiving Fast

This story was written a few months ago during Ramadan, while I pondered why Julia Roberts would Eat, Pray, Love but all our desi festivals appear to follow Fast,  Pray,Love, Eat, Eat, Eat  in that order.

History became legend, legend became myth.

Why we fast for Thanksgiving

In the year 2012 Mr and Mrs. X immigrated from India and were curious about Turkey. That Thanksgiving Mrs. X bought a whole turkey and decided to roast it. Since the 15 pound bird took five hours to roast and the new couple were anxious if their bird would be done right, they spent their time pacing in the kitchen restlessly. They fasted five + hours till the bird was done and carved.

Down the road the progeny of Mr. and Mrs. X realized that the whole Thanksgiving meal involves a lot of food and a lot of pigging out. To compensate and eat a bigger meal they decided to skip breakfast and lunch and dive straight into the meal when ready mid afternoon. They fasted all day till the bird was done.

Somewhere down the line their great grandchildren moved back to India. Since they did not have Turkeys in India the family ordered Turkey online. It was not good quality. Next year on they started raising their own Turkeys and slaughtering them. Somewhere down the line again Thanksgiving fell during Diwali, and prayers and offerings became a part of Thanksgiving.

Now here in the year 3012 Thanksgiving is a very auspicious religious holiday. The day begins with a suryanamaskar at dawn. You fast all day till dusk. At dusk the fast is broken by passing around a chalice of wine and Marie wafters are dipped and eaten. A ritual slaughter of a turkey is conducted, the blood is offered as sacrifice to Turkrani devi and the turkey is roasted. There is ritual chanting while the turkey is cooked to make the meat auspicious and various prasad like sweet potato pie, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes are offered to Turkrani devi. Once the Turkey is consumed the bones are washed, cleaned and carved into delicate snowflake shapes and hung in trees. The holy spirit of Turkrani devi resides in the bones and wards of evil spirits and protects families during harsh winter.

There is a temple for Turkrani devi in Plymouth MA. In the temple there is the holy rock of the devi with the numbers 1620 carved on it. This rock was set there that year by Turkrani devi opening a new world of opportunities to engineers and doctors from the subcontinent. A holy pilgrimage to the rock of Turkrani devi is recommended at least once in a lifetime. 

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