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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mega Ego vs. Giant Pervert

Have you seen the movie 'Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus'. It is perhaps the greatest movie ever made. A truly rare cinematic masterpiece that humanity may never experience again. I've actually never seen the movie, but have seen the trailer plenty of times over again to equate to a couple of viewings of the film itself in length. This is one flick whose epic greatness is splattered all across the trailer. You don't need to be a genius critic to realize that this film puts the AWE with a capital A-W-E in awesomeness. The trailer says it all - pure magic.

What I love about the movie that it is much more than meets the eye. This is more than a battle to death between a Mega Shark and a Giant Octopus, this is about human nature. There is deep subliminal symbolism entrenched in the portrayal of these deadly beasts.

Mega Shark represents the megalomaniacs of society. You know them, its those people with giant puffed up egos, egos so big that their head needs an entire galaxy of space for itself. The figure below illustrates the inflation ratios of the egos. A normal ego fits in a tiny head. The Mega ego barely fits into the size of a Megalodon. We can call these people Megaegolons.

The behavior of the Megaegolon is just like giant sharks. They lurk in waters unnoticed, sniffing the waters for the scent of blood. Their mind is literally constantly playing the 'dun dun dun dun' shark attack music as they look for innocent blood to keep feeding their massive egos. One drop and their massive ego propels them into action as their egotistical jaws snap on the innocents making snap judgments. Its a gory ugly feeding frenzy. Some humans tend to worship the Megaegolons, mostly out of fear or sadistic joy in watching lesser people suffer or just sheer dumb oblivion that is a giant ego shark, for bizarre reasons people are known to unwitting mistake the Megaegolon for a humble hermit crab. The Megaegolon panders to their worship and spares them the wrath of its jaws as long as the bend over and worship the Megaegolon. That way should they ever stray from the path of blind worship the Megaegolon will pillage their ass with its jaws.

The Giant Octopus represents the creepy nasty perverts of society. They are vile filthy creatures straight out of the weirdest hentai. The Giant Octopus is to be mistaken for the Kraken which is just a genial over sized mythical sea creature made for cool pirate  movies.  For lack of better names we shall call them Giant Perverts. Due to censorship there will be no illustration of the tentacle raping Giant Perverts.

The Giant Perverts display characteristic behavior of the filthy creatures of Japanese animation. Every word or action is like one slimy slithery tentacle elongating and engorging from their being. They slip into society with easy often passing on as just gentle flabby creatures who just want to tickle you with mirth and humor. However, when you get close enough the creepy tentacles of lewd words and actions touch you inappropriately. As their allegedly friendly tickling tentacles travel about one is at a loss on how to slice them off and end the menace. Most people tend to not notice it but the sharper humans always can hear the B-grade flick theme music that always surround these people. Just like the Megaegolon the Giant Pervert has its followers like the sea-horse as well as a plethora of people who misunderstand it to be some harmless donut eating sugary sweet mirthful human.

Anyway, while the real world is at a loss tackling with these fiends the movie has Mega Ego battle Giant Pervert to death. Guess it makes sense, you make to intolerable villains kill each other. Otherwise they are so far gone that ordinary humans cannot be possibly held to slay them.

The question remains on how to get these creatures to slay each other? The Giant Pervert is usually not a delicacy the Megaegolon fancies, so just blood won't do the trick. We need a setup where the Megaegolon can feed its mega ego while feasting on the Giant Perverts tentacles.

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