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Sunday, March 13, 2011


My sister has filed a motion against me for plagiarism of thought in my Circle of Life post. Should I choose to ignore her motion she will be assigning herself the privilege of gloating over my alleged lack of originality. Her complaint is that the said post came out of a heart to heart discussion with her on politics and our life in general. Her claim is that many of her ideas were hers.

Anyway, to put the matter to rest. As sisters we are as different as chalk and cheese. We could not be more as people. As grown ups we have learned to meet each other half way, but we spent a good part of our younger days believing we loathed each other. There are however, some things we actually do agree on like - the Food Network being an awe inspiring channel, Law & Order is the greatest show etc. While she is politically more moderate she also will agree that Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman are a disaster and Palin/Bachman can be America's worst nightmare, the Tea-Party is a bunch of loony loony bins that make the Mad Hatter seem uncannily reasonable, and of course Scott Walker is a douche bag.

Being a blogger, I was was the one who chose to crystallize a lot of thoughts into words. But we share many thoughts that I expressed in Circle of Life. We both have evolved from the people we were in India, to the politically aware and active people we are today. We both are grateful to the way our family, especially how our mom raised us so that we have a deep appreciation for society and what we ought to give back.

As a matter of fact, I think my sister ought to be given a lot of credit for how much more different person I am. I was an adult when I came to USA and my mind was made up to be ignorant and apathetic about politics or the greater social, economic scheme of things. I was intent on living my life. I was perfectly fine being apathetic towards the war in Iraq even though it did not gel with me, and I would have been content to never speak up or never even vote.

It was then my sister who was just a teenager who told me about her and her friends protesting the war, being heard. It was my sister who asked questions and pricked my conscience, asked questions that brought to the front of my mind my opinions. Without her prodding me those 7-8 years ago, I would have not been aware of what changes I wanted in the world, and that I am responsible to make the difference.

That being said even with politics we have vast differences. She is the realist and quite cynical really. While I'm the idealist and over the top optimist really. I always think of the best possible outcomes and always have tons of faith and hope. She doubts that people can make a difference, or sometimes that people care enough. While I always have eternal belief in humans and the human condition, that ultimately even the worst of us will do the right thing, or something right the least. She is the moderate temperate person who sees both sides, and I'm the emotional one who sees with my heart.

Most importantly, and I'm not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing - but I'm the one who has a bit of eccentricity, a dash of political-incorrectness, a touch of sarcasm, and sometimes just a whole lot passion and craziness. I can't forget that one of my childhood dreams and my deepest darkest desires is to be dictator of the world. That puts a dent in my good intentions, I suppose. But in my defense, we are up against a bunch of crazies really. No human with an ounce of intellect would fall for the claims of Scott Walker or the tea-partying mad hatters of politics. I mean we have people taking raving lunatics like Glenn Beck seriously, I mean I can link Jesus Christ and Satan with one click, let alone his crazy charts. I think we could do by dishing some ounces of crazy back. Actually rather than a dictator, Its more like a global mommy who delivers a smack know and then to make bad kids behave and then have them hug and make up. I just want the world to be happy kindergarten class with plenty of nap time, candy and crayons.

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