What would RTH do?

That is the question.

If I were in a highschool yearbook, they would vote me most likely to die of a lynch mob. That does not prevent me from opening my mouth and serving a warm hearty cup of STFU to people who deserve it. My dark scathing humor will leave no matter of existence untouched. My innocence will touch your soul.

Welcome to a warped world turned inside out and upside down. All sorts of discretion advised.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The World Will Go On!

Katie! We are not in Kansas anymore!
We never were in Kansas Will! 
We never were!
We never will!

Haha! Yeah Score for being British and not American.

Don't forget to Swagga like a Brit bro.

It has been a rough few years for humans. We have suffered a lot the past decade or so. Humans have endured war and terrorism. Our world is still reeling from the pinch of recession. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. To make matters worse, we humans have a knack for piling on more crap on this already massive mountain of shit we are in. Most world leaders are turning out to be pompous idiots, yet people continue to revere funny men in weird hats. Instead of coming together as a people, we keep dividing ourselves further. Especially, here in America we like to steep ourselves in our prejudices, misgivings, hatred and vitriol. That is why we have our crazy tea party folks, screaming liberals, and a whole bunch of republican/democrat/bat shit people raving like lunatics. Honestly, America is caught in a downward spiral steeping in our own depression and misery.

If it were not enough that we humans are insufferable masochists screwing ourselves, mother nature has also decided that she wants to fuck with us. She's been getting all wet and drenching us with tsunamis, flooding rivers and high tides. Then she gets into these moods of vibrating, shaking the earth that end in earth shattering orgasms of mayhem, literally. Human folly and mother nature pissed of are bad enough. Unfortunately, we have had to endure mother nature meeting human folly as well. Our friends in Japan not only experienced earthquakes and tsunami courtesy mother nature, but she decided to target the might awe of human capacity and technology - a nuclear power plant. Now Fukushima plan and the region around it are part of a massive clusterfuck, just the kind of snafu you expect when human nature meets mother nature.

These here fine United States however, are experiencing a whole new level of fury.We had that bitch called Katrina screw us over. For the past two years we have endured snowmageddon and snowpocalypse. In between this great masterpiece of human folly an over ambitious unsafe oil rig run by BP decided to explode millions of barrels of crude oil into the Gulf. Now mother nature has decided to belt us with storms, not just any storms, massive thunder storms, with lightning, hail all that jazz, gusty winds and then plenty of tornadoes thrown in for fun. The tornadoes pretty much bred like rabbits and their spawns just razed southern towns to the ground. Who knows how many more evil love children are lurking out there?

However, despite all that the world will go on. No matter what adversity is thrown our way people will find a reason to smile, enjoy and celebrate. The reason we know this is because on Friday was the Royal Wedding. On a gorgeous British Friday, when it was a spectacularly brilliant day with no traditional groggy London skies Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, son of Charles and late lady Diana, the Prince and Princess of Wales married Lady Catherine Middleton.

For thousands of people across the world, it was a day of tremendous joy and celebration. Most were oblivious to the tornadoes that ravaged Alabama the day before. Others who knew shut it to a tiny dark part of their brain, the place in the brain where the banished Japan, Libya and all other worldly woes. In Great Britain people thronged the streets way early reserving their places along the roads hoping to catch their small glimpse of the Royal wedding. Many poured into public areas, in their best British attire, waving their British flags and swelling with pride. These strange British have a unique love hate relationship with their Royal family. They do cuss them at times, but then they have so much love, affection, pride and admiration in times like these. Across the rest of the world people stayed up late or woke at the wee crack of dawn to watch the wedding and host their own parties.

The best part of it all is that there is so much more to look forward to. Now that Prince William is married, Prince Harry becomes Britain's most eligible bachelor. He should be married in the next five years or so, and we will get our second royal wedding. Then there are the children of William and Kate to look forward too. The ones who will grow to be the Williams of our children's generations, like the Prince Charles of our parents generation. Of course there will be deaths and funerals of the Queen and Charles over the next few decades. But there is so much hope left too, and then the coronation of a new King of England.

The royal wedding has definitely touched souls across the globe and left us with hope, happiness and joy. There is such a beautiful sense of romanticism and elegance to the whole affair. There is something about it that gets our aspirations high, makes us believe that the world is a better and beautiful place. There is something about it that makes my Bollywood heart want to run through fields of flowers and break into songs about the vast blue skies and the heavens beyond and yonder.

Somewhere though the American heart is bitter and upset. Many don't get why the big hoopla about the wedding. Some find it insensitive to gush about a wedding when people are dying and suffering. There is a sense of disdain as to why in the age of democracy people continue to pay homage to royalty. Therein lies the problem of America. Therein lies our disconnect with the world and making sense of its ways. Therein lies the reason why somehow we seem to be troubled when others can sing the blues. Therein lies the reason why something like the Superbowl only goes so far in bonding us, while cricket can bring together a divided nation. There in lies why the world will go on and why I'm a bit cynical about America.

Ours is a young country. The history of America begins with strife and struggle. Unlike the rest of the world we did not have our classical civilization, our medieval times, our age of renaissance. We began with revolution, we began with cries of freedom from powers that be, we began with liberty and equality. That is why historically we still find ourselves stuck at strife and struggle. We are in a rut about our founding fathers and the ideals they stood for. We are steeped in finding meaning and implementation of our constitution and laws. So enamored are we with our democracy that we are constantly at war over this notion of democracy Our nation has known no rest.

Other countries have histories that go far deeper than the roots of democracy. In those times before democracy they knew good times and bads, and for many of them the good times before democracy were their most glorious periods. Despite our escapist movies, our consumerist culture, everything we do for our selfish well being we are in a constant state of cynicism and battle against the system.

Indians and Chinese and countries across the world may not have royalty, but historically they are still in awe of our great kingdoms, the kings and queens of the past, the glory of our old empires. The British are probably still nostalgic about how the sun never set on the British Empire. Italians and Greeks can thump their chests for the Roman Empire and Alexander the Great. But us Americans, we don't really have a history. Not much of a history beyond wars, civil war, world wars, Vietnam war, cold war, Gulf war, Iraq, Afghanistan and all that. Maybe thats why we are so obsessed with declaring ourselves the greatest nation so that we can experience the magic of Empires.

Americans need a break from their modern melancholy worries. Americans need something that other commonwealth countries. Americans need sports like soccer and cricket that bind nations together no matter how far torn apart they are. Americans need history. I think we could do with a royal family to live vicariously through. We could do with a non political leader figure, face for America - form a new American royalty of sorts. In moments of strife and misery, we could do with these familial moments of joy. It would be a nice break from waving flags in some warlike spirit of patriotism, and the pressure to be an American and just wave the flag carelessly in joy, in American happiness over weddings, coronations births. Since Republicans tend to loathe Obama and Democrats loathe the Republican leaders, we could do with a romantic notion of leadership on the side which we can all smile and be in awe off. Honestly, our nation can do with a break from war, natural disaster, and political argument and fawn over a wedding. As many Americans who viewed the wedding in full fervor and awe like the rest of the commonwealth nations. Its not unamerican or undemocratic. Its just finding romanticism and hope, its about that magical thing called history that happened well before democracy.

Seriously Yankee bros, you gotta enjoy these things more often. 
We are happy to revoke the declaration of independence any time.
William, Duke of New York or Diana, Duchess of New Hampshire.
They do have a nice ring to it.

Seriously Barack. I'm not getting any younger. 
My ancestors had much bigger empires than this. My royal ego is hurt. 
I promise to Knight you. I'll grant you Lordship of all Red states if you will. 
I can has America now?

I'm sure there's a royal clause here somewhere to claim America back. 
Align those Yanks with the rest of the sane world. 
At least make them learn the metric.

If I can't have England, can I be King of America?. 
I do this awesome Bush impression.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ignoramus Maximus

Tch Tch Tch Tch.

A while back I attempted to cure Americans of Islamophobia. However, it appears that this extreme form of hypochondria is not the only thing my fine country people suffer from. It appears that the waters of this land are infected with the virus Ignoramus Maximus. This virus directly affects the brain. Basically it shuts down the entire brain, incapacitating all forms of rationale and logic. The brain can do nothing to think for itself and learn. So when the brain is exposed to popular media which is the only form of intellectual exposure most Americans have, the brain registers popular media as whole truths. That is why the global world views of Americans are based on some very biased, unfair, and absurd assumptions and half truths presented by popular media.

That means if you are the Fox News types you suffer Islamophobia and think all Muslims are evil terrorists. Consequently if you are the MSNBC types (like I am too) you tend to think all tea-party folks hate Muslims, and all Muslims and good Americans hate the tea-party. I really like the liberal types, I really really do. However, every now and then even my good, intelligent, liberal friends also do something completely numb nut stupid due to the Ignoramus Maximus strain that passed on. Like last weekend when an overzealous liberal found a Sikh at the Palin rally. He immediately pounced on the Sikh demanding why a Muslim was supporting Sarah Palin, and that Muslims should hate Sarah Palin. Naturally, the Sikh was extremely pissed off. I think the Sikh took it well. If it were me I would have brought out my Kirpan to do some talking.

Its too bad I'm kind of a mud blood hybrid of two Indian castes and ethnicities, a Hindu with a Hebrew name, who can be easily mistaken for a Mexican - I've really learned not to take offense over anything. I've been mistaken for a guy, and even a dog once or twice, so I'm used to it. But its still bloody annoying when people just can't get it right. Its the age of globalization folks, we have to start getting things right. If you see a Sikh at a Sarah Palin rally or some dumb tea party rally, you don't assume they are Muslim and question them for it. You look at your watch and check if its 12 o' clock or ask the Sikh if it is 12 o'clock. Actually, that is also a very horrible and racist joke on ethnicity please don't do it, it makes you a douche bag. Actually, please do knowing inappropriate inside jokes like that from other cultures makes you educated and worldly wise. Well it makes you an educated worldly wise douche bag, so if you want to be one do it, if not dont.

I should honestly begin with lessons on fundamental logic and common fallacies like hasty generalizations. However, I think I should begin with baby steps that are easy for Americans to digest. 

This is a Sikh.

This is a Muslim. 

This is a girl with a pearl earring and God knows why a big Turban on her head

These are turban models to the best of my knowledge

Not all Sikhs wear turbans (or have beards) like this one

Not all Muslims wear turbans (or have beards) like this one

Not all girls with pearl earrings wear pearl earrings or turbans it seems

And God knows what they model if they don't wear anything. Pink shoes and crazy hats I believe.

I hope this simple picture book lesson has been educating, informative and entertaining. I hope that the Ignoramus Maximus has not reached its fatal stage for people to start covering in fear at the sight of naked models, although conservatives have been known to believe that boobs and pussies are weapons of mass destruction as well. I also hope that people realize that Scarlett Johansson is not a terrorist or a Muslim, and I don't know about her tastes in beverages and religions. Basically, the lesson is to avoid making unfair assumptions about people and their choices. Try to know who they are, what they stand for and why before passing judgment. It is hurtful for many people to be misjudged. It may not seem like a big deal but people take pride in their ethnicities, culture, religions, beliefs etc. And yes, this courtesy extends to conservatives and tea-party members too. They could be idiots, but they could just be misinformed, or there at the rally for kicks. And even ignorant idiots can be nice decent people too.

Finally, as a voter of Indian descent, I think progressives who want to capture votes from all American people need to understand the Indian thought process as well. India is a young country with many challenges. Many people faced adversity due to government corruption and inefficiency. The system of reservation and welfare has been unfairly hostile to upper class people in many parts of the country. As a teenager I myself struggled with the system of reservations rampant in India. Many of these people immigrated disillusioned with government and country. Many of them started from scratch and clawed their way to the top. That is why they tend to support conservative politics, sometimes even as far as tea-party conservative because they don't trust government, they don't feel taxes are fairly assessed or efficiently utilized, they feel that minorities get undue privileges at their cost. They need some serious reassurance that America is different and that progressive governments will be efficient and fair.

There are many Muslims too from India and other subcontinental countries who support some harsh stances against Muslims. Many of them believe that radical Islam is the cause of their woes. They feel radical Islam is the reason why they get discriminated against. They feel that if America can eradicate radical Islam the world will be better for liberals and moderates like them. Yes, Muslims also can support conservatives as a knee-jerk fear reaction and need empathy to be won over by progressives. Some Muslims support conservatives over issues like abortion, gay marriage, abstinence education because thats fundamentally important to them. 

There are also those like me who know that incompetent politicians aside, my roots are in the world's largest democracy. Our history is founded is labor and middle class. Many martyrs of our freedom movement like Bhagat Singh wrote eloquently about socialism and social justice. Their ideals of social justice were the very basis of why our country was inspired to fight the British regime (which started with a company conducting business as usual). We realize that by letting corporates and the rich get away with things they do, is just the beginning of a very oppressive reign in the future. Finally irrespective of liberal, conservative or moderate many of us just have deep respect for Gandhian ideals of valuing people, putting others first and having genuine compassion and investing in the integrity of society as a whole.

That being said the following people are traitors. Race traitors and they can be questioned and rebuked all they want for their choices. As you see I'm prejudiced due to Ignoramus Maximus too. I simply cannot respect people who have alienated their religion and ethnicity, their cultural identity so much to be part of mainstream American politics. Their policies and attitudes are not merely Republican or wrong for America to me, but they are essentially a rejection, an insult of their own heritage and history.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Sarah Palin visited Madison, WI today and it snowed on April 15th. She had plenty of supporters, at least two hundred or so. They all came with eager earnest to hear their hero speak. I hope they huddled close, as her opponents filled the square with chants of 'shame' and drowned her out. If you lived downtown you might have been able to see Palin from your house, but you could not hear her. You could hear 'shame' from your house though.

That made me realize, if there is one person who I really want to meet before I die. I have many questions for him. I would hold these questions for God, but I have a niggling feeling that even God is wondering 'Why in the world too?' That man I want to meet is John McCain. Yes, I want to meet John McCain before I die. I kind of felt sad on election night 2008, seeing John McCain's sad face when he lost and conceded. It was like grandpa lost. I may have even voted for grandpa. But it really was his own fault. I actually liked McCain as an ethical person, with genuine desire to serve USA and moderate reason. The only reason I leaned against him is his lack of economic experience and just flawed economic ideas, but what sealed the deal was Palin. (PS: Actually I was also impressed by Obama and continue to love him like a fan girl).

I really want to ask John McCain, why he hated the Republican party so much. In India we have a saying 'apne hi pair par kulhadi', it means 'throwing the axe on your own feet', thats like making a self destructive mistake. However, there is another saying reserved for dumb shizzle who cannot help but self destruct its called 'kulhadi per pair marna', which means 'throwing your own feet on the axe'. When McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate he was not the axe murderer who hacked the Republican party with an axe, it was like a dumb decision of having the entire Republican party throw themselves on the axe and be hacked.

That woman rose from obscurity as some former beauty queen, full time hockey mom and Milf who also Governor of Alaska on the side to this behemoth of polarizing glory who makes intelligent people conservatives and liberals alike to go WTF!! She single handedly started a tea party movement that probably makes Samuel Adams roll in his grave and wish if there was a way to go back and do something different, or better yet smack the bitch and all her washed out zombie followers and teach them some true history of America and what the Boston Tea Partiers were all about. Its perturbing actually, its actually turning off people from enjoying their tea. I think I've actually subliminally cut back from drinking tea and am consuming much more caffeine.

Any way, only someone who wanted to destroy the GOP and divide the Republicans would have picked someone as neurotic and insane as Palin. To think there was a time I lamented that there would be no more George Bush to make fun off, and poof there was Palin. It was as if McCain wanted to give the people something to laugh about. So as you can see, I'm clearly confused as to why he would want to self destruct his own party that he is so proud of. Moreover, I want to ask why does he hate America so much. As a venerable war veteran, I always respected McCain as a soldier and true patriot. But now I want to know why he hated us so much to bring this mindless American to the forefront and paint the picture of Americans across the world as dumb bimbos. So after George Bush and now Palin the world perceives us as dumb apes and dumb bimbos. The mindless zombies of brain dead America were asleep in deep slumber and now she has awoken the hordes of zombies who support her (although I do believe many support her just for kicks or with the knowledge that its the likes of her who will have them laughing all the way to the bank). These are not the usual brain eating zombies, they are the deadly zombies that literally eat all of you and then leave your material possessions for their masters to become the Americans with prosperity.

Either way some people might be in doubt why a proud pro-union thug like me considered voting for John McCain and has a lot of respect for him (DADT aside). The thing is I'm actually a moderate. I do realize that I often come off as a bleeding heart liberal due to many of my beliefs. That is because we are now stuck in a phase of ideological warfare not one that is rooted in economic or political pragmatism. Socially I am very liberal, I believe that government should not just stay out of religion, but stay away from molding society to confirm to any ideological beliefs they may hold and focus on real issues. I'm actually a proponent of supply side economics to a large extent and the importance of private sector, especially in terms of globalization, free trade, reducing trade barriers and avoidance of double taxation policies. At the same time I do believe in the responsibility of the government and public sector to maintain stability, maintain accountability and oversight of the private sector and engage in practical social welfare so that the whole nation and society is prosperous, nor plutocratic individuals. In some ways I'm like a neo-Keynesian. After all Keynesian economics is what stabilized post war and post depression economies, helped new nations of the past century like India fiscally establish themselves but Keynesian principles need to be adapted to our modern global economies which was not there in the past.

But even if I was a pure supply-side economics, I could not support this preposterous trickle-down economics promoted by the tea-party. It is not even a well grounded or accepted economic theory either, just some gibberish fed to ignorant people as some magic form of supply-side economics that focuses on large capital and entrepreneurs and ignores the fact that labor and small capital also contribute to supply. So it does not matter if I'm a Keynesian economist, a fiscal conservative, a tax and spend liberal or what my economic approach is to solving America's crisis. Because if we practically thought about logical economic solutions like reasonable, intelligent and informed people we would have found a solution already.

As you can see this is fucking ideological warfare. Which ideological side am I on. Thats what this topic is about. Am I pro-life or pro-choice, am I pro-Walker or pro-Union, am I pro-America or pro-Muslims/Immigrants/God Forbid terrorists, pro-Christ or pro-Gay. Pro-Pro-Pro-Pro what? It is like the world's worst false dichotomy. You cannot agree or disagree with one side's value without being branded evil by the other side.

So this is it, I'm sick and tired of making flawed dichotomous choices. Do I go around screaming 'Hey abortion is awesome! Have one!' or do I go around screaming 'Abortion is sin, Jesus hates sinners'. You know what, it is a well known fact that I hate babies, but I hate people too. So there, I solve the dichotomy for both of you all, I am anti-choice, and anti-life. What does that mean? That means that when we can't agree to the answer to a simple question, or even agree do disagree, then you fucking get rid of the stupid question. There I said it, I propose killing all pregnant women. Problem solved. Actually many problems solved. Now we don't have to worry about women's health care and can get rid of planned parenthood, we don't have to be worry about the mom and child so we can get of their food stamps, we don't have to worry about the child's education and can fire all the teachers, we don't have to worry about the grown child's health so we can get rid of health care reforms, we don't have to worry about unemployment as there is no child or mom seeking jobs, we don't have to worry about them getting old and can get rid of medicare and social security.

It might sound cruel and sadistic to kill all pregnant women, but it is far more kind than having kids be born into poverty, struggle through childhood with no assistance, have sub-par education, then be unemployed and broke due to no opportunities, and then live on the streets with no welfare, and die old and miserable because of no medicare - that is if they are unlucky to survive till old age. It is confusing as to why caring for women's health and their reproductive rights, or caring to have high quality education accessible to all, caring for the health and welfare of people or caring for the well being of old people means that one has to be anti-American, anti-prosperity and destroying the nation. I'm confused how with all the wealth we make as a nation it is evil and anti-tax payer to expect people to give back a nominal amount to the society that gave them opportunities and as a small thank you for all the nation gives them. But apparently my compassion is misplaced and misguided, and I'm a patriotic American - so I propose to kill all pregnant woman henceforth.

PS: Actually killing pregnant women is a ruse. I would do no such thing. I could not even harm a fly if my life depended on it. The truth is I plan to kill all the people who did not get any of the sarcasm and think I'm actually a hater who wants to kill pregnant women. They are the dumb shit we could do without and my anti-choice and anti-life agenda is the mission to flush out the nut jobs on all sides.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

They did it for Sachin

I've been tearing up in joy, every time I think of India's victory in the cricket world cup. Today I experienced, what most definitely will be one of the most incredible days of my lives. Never before have I experienced so much joy and ecstasy.I'm probably going to have random teary moments of overwhelming joy for a long time. Normally I hate displaying fragile emotions; however, this time I'm unashamed and unabashed of letting these tears flow.

Obnoxious cricket purists derided the Indian team when they said they wanted to win the 2011 world cup for Sachin Tendulkar. They constructed their arguments on cliches like do it for India, or do it for the team, not for one individual. Cynical sourpusses will jabber and complain that Sachin failed to deliver on a big occasion. But what the heck do they know about the true passion that is cricket? What do they understand about being a cricket crazy fan of a cricket crazy nation? A nation where cricket is not just a sport, but a religion. In India we have one true religion that cuts across all other mortal divides - our religions, our regions, our languages and other frivolous distinctions binding us together as one. That religion is cricket and the God is Sachin Tendulkar.

I was just about a year old when India won their first world cup in 1983. I don't remember a thing of it, I did not even know what happened. That turning point in history would change the face of the game in the subcontinent. The iconic images of Kapils devils celebrating at Lords after cinching the coveted trophy is vividly entrenched in all Indian minds so that even kids like me who were not aware, or youth not even born remember it like they were there for the moment.

Thus began my upbringing on a staple diet of cricket and dutiful worship. There were not many live broadcasts or comprehensive coverages way back in the day. I remember my grandfather tuning his transistor to the commentary and hunching over his desk sipping coffee, intently following the score. He would always be renting countless tapes of cricket matches and watch them in his spare time. I would  watch these matches with him and for some reason these cricket tapes were more exciting viewing than morning cartoons. That is why by the age of five, I don't know if I knew much else worth knowing, but I could name the Indian cricket team in batting order. My first childhood infatuation would turn out to be Roger Binny or Logel Binny as I would call him. I'm not really aware of why I was such a huge fan of his, but I've been told that I liked his butt.

Then in due time came the era of broadcast cricket. Now the entire family could sit and enjoy games of cricket together and cricket had no bigger fan than my grandmother who would watch each and every game, test or one day international from toss to end, peppering the viewing experience with her own brand of histrionics, amusing commentary and absolutely absurd superstitions that changed every game or sometimes every innings or even every over. I'm not sure if she possesses a highly accurate astrological chart that allows her to make such on the go predictions, but her success ratio is unnervingly high for randomness.

It was later in this era when the God of cricket would grace us with his presence. That God was incarnated in the form of an unassuming, slightly built teenager called Sachin Tendulkar. At that time he was just another name on the roster, another player on the field, another name that would come and go in this game of cricket. Little did we know that it was the God of cricket himself who had come to deliver unto us. He would rise mercurially to become the greatest player the game has ever known.

He would become the champion that brought a nation together. No matter what your religion, what your background or no matter how violently differed - one thing every Indian can agree upon was that Sachin was the greatest batsman and when he and team India succeeded it was cause to drop everything and celebrate. In a nation strife with poverty, terrorism and a plethora other socio-economic issues, Sachin would deliver and give us a reason to smile and celebrate.If the inflation was pinching you, the weather bothering you, or just life getting to you at least Sachin was succeeding. When politics got dirty or border strifes got ugly, Sachin could deliver the soothing pill to calm our nerves. When we got riled up or pissed off Sachin was the mediator that resolved our differences. For me growing up - so what if I had a bad day at school, was not doing so hot in the exams or was having angsty teenage issues with the whole world around me - watching Sachin play a good knock could ease away all worries away. When a nation was hurt or angry, when a nation cried or hoped, when a nation suffered loss or distress they turned to Sachin. On his shoulder Sachin would carry the dreams, hopes, aspirations of every Indian.

Yes he turned out to be mortal and fallible. He failed and made mistakes on several occasions. He left us shell shocked and pissed off for failing to deliver. Sometimes we cussed him out. But then there was something about this man who despite being so flawed would rise to the ranks of God again. It was how he took everything in stride. In a gentleman's game, he probably is one of the few remaining gentleman. He never sledged, he never cussed and he never verbally abused. He never even glared, rolled his eyes or twitch his lips in anger. In fact he would silently take in fast bowlers and their barrage of abuse, sledging fielders and the verbal onslaught of opponents but merely smile and let the sport do the talking. Despite his fame and glory, he never had an air of arrogance or importance about him. He took every accolade as down to earth and humble as ever. He never made excuses or use his stature as a way out of mistakes. When he failed he took criticism in stride and worked on improving. He never took his place on the team for granted or demand preference for seniority and experience, he believed in giving his best and earning his keep. Most importantly, in an era of aggressive cricket where people claim unclean catches and stand their ground even when out - he played with sincerity, trying to the most honest and right thing. He inspired a team to play good clean honest cricket and kept the memory alive of the game we fell in love with, the gentleman's game of cricket.

It should come as no surprise that a nation wanted a win for their greatest hero. It should come as no surprise that a team wanted to repay their debt to an idol. When they said they would win the world cup for Sachin, they would win the cup for 21 years of a nation's expectations. There is no greater reason to achieve something, than to do it for someone who has given you their everything. Every cricket loving Indian would agree. Every great hero needs a fitting swan song, and a perfect stage was set for our hero's final world cup. On Saturday April 2nd, the same day and date they won 28 years ago, they would play the finals on our champions home ground in front of his home crowd. He fell early, and we were reeling at 31/2. In the past that would have been the end of it, but today they had to do it for him.

Virat Kohli's statement summed it all - "Sachin has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years. Its is time we carried him". That is why when all was said and done, they did not care that Sachin had been fallible in the finals. They rushed to hoist him on their shoulders and take him on a victory lap across the ground. That is why Yuvraj Singh's special person whom he played so well for was no girlfriend or love interest, but the most romantic of all, Sachin Tendulkar the beloved nation. That is why Sachin teared up and embraced the big guy Yuvi in a tearful hug. That is why every Indian player was tearing up. Make no mistake, it was in full team spirit and with full patriotic fervor. The tricolor Indian flag that the players and fans waved around and filled with their tears shows what this was all about. But the years of emotions that condensed into this one memorable moment, the poetic beauty of it all - is they did it for Sachin.

There is a very small twinge of sadness that there was no 100th hundred on this stage. However, the biggest regret is not that, but not being there in India, not being there in Mumbai at Wankhede, not being there for Sachin. The memory will remain etched in mind forever though. They did it for Sachin.