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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ignoramus Maximus

Tch Tch Tch Tch.

A while back I attempted to cure Americans of Islamophobia. However, it appears that this extreme form of hypochondria is not the only thing my fine country people suffer from. It appears that the waters of this land are infected with the virus Ignoramus Maximus. This virus directly affects the brain. Basically it shuts down the entire brain, incapacitating all forms of rationale and logic. The brain can do nothing to think for itself and learn. So when the brain is exposed to popular media which is the only form of intellectual exposure most Americans have, the brain registers popular media as whole truths. That is why the global world views of Americans are based on some very biased, unfair, and absurd assumptions and half truths presented by popular media.

That means if you are the Fox News types you suffer Islamophobia and think all Muslims are evil terrorists. Consequently if you are the MSNBC types (like I am too) you tend to think all tea-party folks hate Muslims, and all Muslims and good Americans hate the tea-party. I really like the liberal types, I really really do. However, every now and then even my good, intelligent, liberal friends also do something completely numb nut stupid due to the Ignoramus Maximus strain that passed on. Like last weekend when an overzealous liberal found a Sikh at the Palin rally. He immediately pounced on the Sikh demanding why a Muslim was supporting Sarah Palin, and that Muslims should hate Sarah Palin. Naturally, the Sikh was extremely pissed off. I think the Sikh took it well. If it were me I would have brought out my Kirpan to do some talking.

Its too bad I'm kind of a mud blood hybrid of two Indian castes and ethnicities, a Hindu with a Hebrew name, who can be easily mistaken for a Mexican - I've really learned not to take offense over anything. I've been mistaken for a guy, and even a dog once or twice, so I'm used to it. But its still bloody annoying when people just can't get it right. Its the age of globalization folks, we have to start getting things right. If you see a Sikh at a Sarah Palin rally or some dumb tea party rally, you don't assume they are Muslim and question them for it. You look at your watch and check if its 12 o' clock or ask the Sikh if it is 12 o'clock. Actually, that is also a very horrible and racist joke on ethnicity please don't do it, it makes you a douche bag. Actually, please do knowing inappropriate inside jokes like that from other cultures makes you educated and worldly wise. Well it makes you an educated worldly wise douche bag, so if you want to be one do it, if not dont.

I should honestly begin with lessons on fundamental logic and common fallacies like hasty generalizations. However, I think I should begin with baby steps that are easy for Americans to digest. 

This is a Sikh.

This is a Muslim. 

This is a girl with a pearl earring and God knows why a big Turban on her head

These are turban models to the best of my knowledge

Not all Sikhs wear turbans (or have beards) like this one

Not all Muslims wear turbans (or have beards) like this one

Not all girls with pearl earrings wear pearl earrings or turbans it seems

And God knows what they model if they don't wear anything. Pink shoes and crazy hats I believe.

I hope this simple picture book lesson has been educating, informative and entertaining. I hope that the Ignoramus Maximus has not reached its fatal stage for people to start covering in fear at the sight of naked models, although conservatives have been known to believe that boobs and pussies are weapons of mass destruction as well. I also hope that people realize that Scarlett Johansson is not a terrorist or a Muslim, and I don't know about her tastes in beverages and religions. Basically, the lesson is to avoid making unfair assumptions about people and their choices. Try to know who they are, what they stand for and why before passing judgment. It is hurtful for many people to be misjudged. It may not seem like a big deal but people take pride in their ethnicities, culture, religions, beliefs etc. And yes, this courtesy extends to conservatives and tea-party members too. They could be idiots, but they could just be misinformed, or there at the rally for kicks. And even ignorant idiots can be nice decent people too.

Finally, as a voter of Indian descent, I think progressives who want to capture votes from all American people need to understand the Indian thought process as well. India is a young country with many challenges. Many people faced adversity due to government corruption and inefficiency. The system of reservation and welfare has been unfairly hostile to upper class people in many parts of the country. As a teenager I myself struggled with the system of reservations rampant in India. Many of these people immigrated disillusioned with government and country. Many of them started from scratch and clawed their way to the top. That is why they tend to support conservative politics, sometimes even as far as tea-party conservative because they don't trust government, they don't feel taxes are fairly assessed or efficiently utilized, they feel that minorities get undue privileges at their cost. They need some serious reassurance that America is different and that progressive governments will be efficient and fair.

There are many Muslims too from India and other subcontinental countries who support some harsh stances against Muslims. Many of them believe that radical Islam is the cause of their woes. They feel radical Islam is the reason why they get discriminated against. They feel that if America can eradicate radical Islam the world will be better for liberals and moderates like them. Yes, Muslims also can support conservatives as a knee-jerk fear reaction and need empathy to be won over by progressives. Some Muslims support conservatives over issues like abortion, gay marriage, abstinence education because thats fundamentally important to them. 

There are also those like me who know that incompetent politicians aside, my roots are in the world's largest democracy. Our history is founded is labor and middle class. Many martyrs of our freedom movement like Bhagat Singh wrote eloquently about socialism and social justice. Their ideals of social justice were the very basis of why our country was inspired to fight the British regime (which started with a company conducting business as usual). We realize that by letting corporates and the rich get away with things they do, is just the beginning of a very oppressive reign in the future. Finally irrespective of liberal, conservative or moderate many of us just have deep respect for Gandhian ideals of valuing people, putting others first and having genuine compassion and investing in the integrity of society as a whole.

That being said the following people are traitors. Race traitors and they can be questioned and rebuked all they want for their choices. As you see I'm prejudiced due to Ignoramus Maximus too. I simply cannot respect people who have alienated their religion and ethnicity, their cultural identity so much to be part of mainstream American politics. Their policies and attitudes are not merely Republican or wrong for America to me, but they are essentially a rejection, an insult of their own heritage and history.

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