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Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden With That

Osama Bin Dancin Like that
Osama Bin Laden dancin no more
Osama Bin Laden, no more, no more.

Last night a friend told my sister on the phone that Osama Bin Laden was dead. At first we did not believe, so she checked CNN. It was true. The headlines confirmed his death. Obviously oblivious to the manner of his death, I immediately asked "Earthquake, Tsunami or Tornado". Hey, given the state of nature, that was actually a more feasible thought. Its kind of surreal to think we actually got the guy. In fact I'm actually still rooting for Tornado. I just want to imagine Osama going "We're not in Kansas anymore".

Now some people say that the death is faked. It is indeed surreal to believe that after ten years of incompetency they actually caught the guy. However, such massive elaborate cover ups are the realm of movies not reality. I did not expect so many people globally to be enamored by Indian soap operas where the dead resurrect with new lives and new faces.

At this junction I want to take a moment of sombre seriousness. For ten years families effected by 09/11 have been waiting for their scars to heal. For ten years our soldiers have been dying for what was long thought a futile cause. Politicians maybe unscrupulous, but I don't think our honorable soldiers would do something that would betray the trust of their fellow Americans, or their brothers and sisters who died fighting. I'm genuinely proud of the Navy Seals and what they accomplished. I'm a big cynic of this war, but today they did make it worth it. I don't dare take away this from them. They deserve nothing but gratitude.

Anyway, coming back to the usual goofy humor that is our modern lives in these here fine United States or this fucked up Planet Earth. Many Muslim clerics are upset that Osama was buried at sea. They need to make up their mind - was Osama a Muslim whose actions represented Islam or is he just a son of a bitch who ruined your religion. If I were Muslim I'd hope Krakens were still there because we could feed the Kraken.

However, I am a bit bothered by this burial at sea. Its not about Islamic rites, and its not about the fact that we did not see the corpse. It is just that Megatron was buried at sea. Osama is resting with Megatron. Does that mean the revenge of the fallen next? The world could be in for some serious shizzle. This Osama was some shit for starters, I wonder how much his fallen can pile on us.

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