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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Solemn musings

The past forty eight hours have been eventful. My eyes have welled up in tears, but I've felt immense joy. I've felt soulful and moved by a power greater than me, but most important of all I have felt optimistic and hopeful. Never in my life would I have imagined that the death of a person, a death of a person I had only heart of but never seen, heard or known could have such an overwhelming effect emotionally.

Two days ago I was reflecting on the inability of American culture to revel in the royal wedding. I lamented over the United States lack of history that can limit our perspective and search for joy in the simple things of life. The United States of America may not have a rich long history and culture like some other nation. But turns out sometimes you don't need history, the Americans of today are blessed with the opportunity of creating history and living through it. We don't need a royal wedding, our moments of joy are captured in the hearts of the common folk, the thousands of common folk who stormed the streets with their American flags chanting "U.S.A, U.S.A". Our moment in history was captured in the revelers in New York City who finally got their due, their country had killed Osama Bin Laden the man who once brought the city down to its knees.
I know many people across the world are shocked and disgusted by this outburst of loud ecstatic celebration. Many people wonder what sort of savages we might be to celebrate the gruesome death of man. The world maybe wondering why people were bringing their children and grandchildren to celebrate war and death. What has our world come to when we celebrate death?

To be honest I'm a very softhearted pacifist myself. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined experiencing these emotions. I do look in the mirror and ask myself what sort of person I am to take comfort and solace in death. I don't have the answers. But then again I did not live through the horrors of 09/11. I was not one of those people who saw those planes fly into the twin towers. I did not have dust and debris pour upon me as I saw the heart of my city crumble. I did not endure the pain of losing a loved one. No I did not even spend hours clutching the phone, waiting for a call, praying and hoping for someone to call and let me know my loved ones are safe. I was not a rescue worker who put blood, sweat and tears into helping people. I had been in America for just a little over a year. I did not know what it meant to be an American. I was not even a citizen then. I did not even understand the symbolism, the pain and impact it caused the in the hearts of Americans. I did not know how it wrote the history book for America. Neither do the people who question the celebrations, for if they did, they would not ask.

However, today I've lived over a decade in the United States. Madison, WI is the place I call home now. This is the country where I grew up from a teenager to an adult. This is the country that shaped my life as a young adult. This is the country where I learned to stand on my own feet and be my own person. And through this shaping experience, I have learned what it means to be an American. So perhaps Osama Bin Ladens death is not as significant to me, and like any other global citizen its a terrorist eliminated. On the other hand, watching the tears of joy in the eyes of my fellow Americans, feeling the emotions that run through their veins, empathizing with the overwhelming emotions, experiencing a piece of American history - that matters, that makes a difference. That is why today even me the softhearted pacifist will applaud a gruesome death.

The sheer magnitude of this event is not only in the sense of justice and closure that this event has caused. What makes this event great and larger than life is how it brought us together as a nation. Before this we were divided. Before this we did not know what was our common grounds. In the beginning of the year a Congresswoman got shot in the head. There was mud slinging from all sides. Over the next few months we argued about budget, about spending, about class warfare and a plethora of other dividing social issues. We were literally at each others throats. Today we are American again. We have never been closer and together hand in hand we express pride and gratitude towards our armed forces and our President.

For the truth is what we have in common is that we are American. It does not matter if we are rich or poor, republicans or democrats, conservative or liberal, wall street bankers or main street workers, gay or straight, young or old, man or women, Christian, Muslim or Hindu, Midwestern, southern or a coastie, a farmer or a business man - all of us each and every one of us we are American. We feel the pain and joy of America. When those twin towers collapsed we all lost something, we all felt the pain, someway somehow we all were affected, we all lost things that we loved. Today when that loss has been avenged, we all felt the relief, we all felt what it meant, we all felt hope, joy and happiness. The bipartisan support, the media on both sides commending the efforts, the genuine awakening of bridging the gap and finding middle path solutions is what really moves a lot of us. After ten long years we are all like estranged brothers and sisters coming together as a family.

That is why I even though I try to be moderate and reasonable and nice, I'm going to so fuck you conspiracy theorists, fuck you Osama Bin Laden mourners, fuck you America haters, fuck you those who want to divide us and bring us down. Don't you dare rain on our parade.

Sidebar: I did not want to take up too much room with politics and other things, in the honest emotions above. so am adding a sidebar.

  • George W. Bush first started the war on terror. Even though I am a progressive liberal who will never vote Republican, he deserves credit for the initiative. 
  • The aggressive approach of George W. Bush and other Republicans in foreign policy gave USA the ability to operate such a high profile operation. 
  • However, George W. Bush was completely wrong and misdirected with Iraq. That war is our biggest mistake and should never have happened. In fact I think Bush misled the nation with that. 
  • The Bush administration not only made a mistake declaring war on Iraq, but actually was extremely inefficient and incompetent in the oversight of it
  • Bush and Co are still guilty of water boarding and other means of torture. 
  • Barack Obama, Joe Biden & Hillary Clinton were the few politicians who spoke aggressively about Pakistan and the willingness to take action there
  • It was under the Obama administration that he withdrew troops from Iraq and increased them in Pakistan and Afghanistan, he deserves full credit for that
  • Leon Panetta and the Obama administration obtained their information from sophisticated intelligence, regular interrogations and procedures. They did not use torture or unethical means
  • Considering where Osama was killed the Pakistan government is either involved or incompetent in regards to terrorism
  • The United States needs to finally end all military aid to Pakistan
  • I still have faith that the people of Pakistan like several ordinary people across the middle east are simple honest and peace loving folk who want to live a normal life. However, like in other countries they too live under an oppressive and corrupt regime which is too involved or incompetent to protect them from terrorism. The suspicion of Pakistani authority should by no means be reflected on the actual innocent people of Pakistan. USA is and always will be an ally to peace loving people.
  • I disagree with my fellow progressives who say bring troops home. I am sure Osama Bin Laden has over the past decade established a massive network of terror through the region. Now with the chain of command broken we ought to waste no time to go full force and do as much damage as we can. Even if it means more troops in Pakistan. If you need help ask India, they will be more than happy. 
  • Muslim Clerics who are upset over the burial at sea need to decide - Is Obama an actual Muslim and a true representative of the religion who needs that respect or is he a heinous person who destroyed the religion and made life for Muslims difficult across the globe
  • America is not an enemy of the Muslim world. The Obama administration has done all it can to bridge the gap between our worlds and cultures. Even if its not up to par, one has to appreciate the sincerity and effort. Several progressives like Obama have even stood up for Muslims in America. As a nation we do make mistakes, we have screwed up. Muslims ought to realize that the mistakes like Iraq and some of Bush policies do not reflect Obama or all Americans. 
  • If you are an American Citizen, vote for Obama in 2012 (Just kidding please research your candidates, and vote for who you truly believe will be best for all Americans and for the future of America and the world)

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