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Sunday, July 24, 2011

An American Odyssey - Part Ten

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This is the final and concluding chapter of our American Odyssey. Who knows when our next travels will be. The next most promising trip on my horizon is my business school trip to Brazil (Rio and Sao Paolo) in January 2012. Until then there maybe some odd one off weekend trips or day trips within the United States. Over a lifetime there are plenty of other trips to be planned. There is a goal to visit every continent, and several other cross country US road trip over scenic routes. Some of those would have to be without family whose of the beaten path record is abysmal and sense of adventure lacking. Not to mention the issue of multiple bladder control.

Last year, I managed a week of heathen fasting to commemorate Ramadan. This year I've been hoping to up the ante and do the entire month of fasting. At this time chances are looking bleak though. After all I'm a heathen. It is pretty hard to come up with the motivation to do it with full due diligence. Moreover, it has been a brutal summer. With temperatures reaching 100+ up here in the frigid North. I'm not sure if I'm cut out for fasting in the wet hot August summers. I'm too weak for that. There are days with family and work commitments too. We will see what pans out.

Until then I am going to enjoy being in Madison, WI. It truly is one of the best places to live in. The more I travel, the more I realize how lucky we are to be living in this wonderful city. Madison is not a huge metropolis like Chicago or New York. It is a modest sized Midwestern city. But in terms of arts, entertainment, food and culture it is no less than any world city. To boot it boasts of a liberal and welcoming culture where people from all walks of life can come and live together. Other places may boast of diversity, but it truly comes together naturally in Madison, WI.

Madison combines metropolitan lifestyle with country living as well. You don't have to drive a few miles out of Madison to be in the American heartland, the landscape of dairy farms and cultivation fields. Here in Wisconsin everyone takes their blue collar, working class, farm worker, son of the soul roots and culture seriously. We appreciate the land of Wisconsin, the people of Wisconsin and the product of Wisconsin and we live and work to give back to Wisconsin. I've not seen any other "city" boast such active involvement and support in local farming, dairy and products.

I'm a born and bred Indian from Bombay, but my American Odyssey, as well as the journey of my adult life begins and ends in Madison (or at least so far)


Jill said...

I enjoyed your odyssey tales!! I have got to get out to the midwest someday. It sounds like a nice, open-minded place. (Our southern breakfasts do kick ASS though haha). I'm not dying to see Texas :(, but I'm sure it has it's nice points.

return_to_hades said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Yes! You definitely should check out the Midwest someday. Its awesome here especially in spring and fall.