What would RTH do?

That is the question.

If I were in a highschool yearbook, they would vote me most likely to die of a lynch mob. That does not prevent me from opening my mouth and serving a warm hearty cup of STFU to people who deserve it. My dark scathing humor will leave no matter of existence untouched. My innocence will touch your soul.

Welcome to a warped world turned inside out and upside down. All sorts of discretion advised.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chronicles of the Perv-O

So there is an online pervert on India Forums who sends private messages to people and harasses them. The person has been banned umpteen times but resurfaces again and again. Usually these freaks never harass me. My vampire av and sarcastic sense of humor tends to ward the imbeciles off. Finally the jerk decided that even I had to be to receive his nonsense. Big Mistake! Huge!

At first I was a good kid and reported it to the development team. I believe they plan to ban the person. However, after a while I could not resist. I just had to respond back to the jack ass. After all I worked in IP-Relay for two whole years. I spent 10 hour shifts with teenagers using relay for their perverted and juvenile kicks. I've been desensitized to this kind of shit. Maybe other people are modest and just walk away from such situations. For me, you don't mess with the Hades. So I decided to send back a smarty pants response and see what happens. Chronicling them for kicks.

Caution: The following contains crude and graphic language

Chadu_jiii: tera kohi boyfriend nahi hai na...Chedu koo apna samaj...(You don't have a boyfriend right, Consider Chedu yours)

return_to_hades: Jey aap ko cock ass mei pasand hai jey aap cock ko suck karte ho. (Do you prefer to take a cock in your ass or do you like to suck on it. Jey is an ode to Sunny Leone's bad Hindi)

Chadu_jii: kaisi hai meri bulbul (How are you my sweetheart)

return_to_hades: Well first you got to tell me what you like. Do you like to take a cock right up your ass or do you like to suck on a cock. You think your ass can take whole twelve inches? I ain't interested in pussy twinks.

Chadu_jii: kaisi gandi ladke hai tu (You are such a dirty girl)

return_to_hades: C'mon dude, you're the one soliciting people. I'm keeping it reals here. Do you want to be double penetrated?

Chadu_jii: dene hai ja nahi...(Do you want to give or not)

return_to_hades: What do you want?

All right you show yours I'll show mine. Send me some nice pics of your titties and your bung hole. Then I'll send you my dick.

Btw what is your ASL? I'm 42 male, in Anchorage. I run a biker bar. You like Harley bears?

Chadu_jii: why u have't told u are male...sorry wrong number...bye...

return_to_hades: No don't go. I am male, but I like boys. How old are you? I like young boys. Have you ever been with a man. I can be your sugar daddy.

This could be the end of our conversation. If not I'll keep up the chronicle.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


My previous post was a bit over the top. The language was profane, the conduct was inappropriate and unbecoming. It definitely is not my proudest moments. In hindsight, I should have probably not posted it. Of course I have the option of deleting it, but that would be deceitful. You cannot just pretend something did not happen. It did, I did say those words, I did mean each and every one of them. It is a part of me, a much darker, angst ridden, angry and frustrated part of me. My bottled frustrations just came out.

I can't apologize either, because that would be lying as well. While I do regret being impulsively expressive, I'm not honestly sorry for it. I know what kind of a person I am and what my limits are. I'm a pacifist and extremely easy going, simple, down to earth person. Many who know me say I'm one of the nicest person they know. I've been called a warm fuzzy teddy bear. So I know I was pushed to my farthest limit. Only something of extreme magnitude could cause me to speak that way. I firmly believe that the group of people who caused this are a bunch of immature, self righteous, my way or the highway online bullies. I really cannot bring myself to apologize for that.

That being said as a consequence I have to accept the fact that people will judge me and gauge my character by those words, and I have to prove myself as a good person. I hope people don't judge me by that and read my  entire blog before drawing conclusions. However, I don't blame people for not giving a chance. Even I would hesitate to look past it if my first experience with a person was that profanity. All I can say is trust me, they really did ask for it.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Taliban Terrorists of the Internets!

Warning: This is perhaps the most profane post of mine that ever will be. It is violent, it is abusive, it is crass, it is wrong on many levels, but I really need to vent. First and foremost, it is difficult for me to digest the trampling of the very basic freedom of speech and expression, especially on the internet. Secondly, I cannot stand being treated in a holier than thous condescending manner. Next, I don't like being shut down, called out and rebuked even when I express myself in a polite respectable manner. Finally, it is that time of the month and it is just the cherry on to top the shit pile.

To my Muslim friends: You know who you are. Once after speaking to an Evangelical preacher, I came home flustered over people trying to 'save' me. The first thing my mom said was 'I hope you were not rude'. My mom didn't raise me to disrespect anyone or their beliefs. I maybe a questioning, walk to the beat of my own drum kind of person, but the one thing I am not is a person who will disrespect someone else's beliefs. But you my friends already know that. You have been my pals, my buddies growing up. You have been my teachers, my guides, my mentors. You have been by me through good times and bad. You know that I have deep respect for your beliefs. If you have read my past posts, you know that I have always raised my voice against Islamophobia, discriminatory or abusive behavior. You know how outspoken I am about misperceptions and misunderstandings in the United States. You know I am always with you a friend. This one is not at you, but rather for you. This one is directed to the asinine jack asses, dick heads and jerks who call themselves Muslims and make life harder for the good Muslims out there.

This one goes out to the Taliban Terrorists of the Internets. A very select bunch of low life scum of India-Forums that claim to be Muslims. Snooki's booger has more class than them. Amoeba has a higher IQ than them. Its already begun...so here goes nothing.

Are you fucking kidding me? You got to be totally shitting me? You imbeciles had that thread closed again. I thought I might be patient and give you a chance, but what a big bunch of loser douche bags you are. I mean seriously. How far up your ass do you have your heads? It will take an era to get your head out your asses and a few more eras to get you up to speed with man kind. That is if there is even human DNA in you. I doubt if there is any hominid DNA in you. You probably got thrown up as rejected regurgitated vomit waste of an alien species that got hurled at earth. You don't care, you don't think, you don't have compassion whats sort of heartless, soulless, lifeless beings are you?

You wanted to know why IF bans you from discussing the personal lives of celebrities. Because you are a bunch of fucking retarded dicks. You are just a bunch of dicks with a massive hard on for whatever loser celebrity you are obsessed with and jack off to every night. And when someone even says a small critique against the celebrity that they did not like the acting in an episode, you engage in this massive ugly bout of dick sparring. You jizz all over the internet with your celebrity obsessed dick sparring. Damn! Take it outside will you! Like the rest of the world gives a shit that you can't sleep without jacking of to KSG or the only joy in your life is the fantasies you dream up about Maan and Geet or whoever. The fucking forum can't hire an army of million nannies to keep you bunch of dicks in line. They fucking can't hire a million janitors to clean up all the jizz you spew over the forum. Thats why they fucking just tell you don't discuss celebrities. You imbecile morons. If you were just normal well adjusted intelligent human beings, we wouldn't have to treat you like moronic dicks.

Do you know why they allow religious debates and controversial topics on Debate Mansion. It is because for the most part it is a forum of grown up, mature people. Our life does not revolve around celebrities and TV shows. We actually do care for other things that are going on in the world. We are not super intellectuals or better people, but we are people who like to give thought to who we are, what we stand for, who others are and what others stand for. Debate is the channel through which we raise questions, demand answers and hopefully foster a better understanding of ourselves and others. Things do get tricky when it comes to religion. Religion is something so personal and intimately ingrained in a person's self identity that it demands a delicate balance. It is not easy to raise questions about religion, questioning faith and belief while maintaining that delicate balance. People do try though. Of course there are the moments where lines are crossed and tempers flare. Of course there is that one person who just does not get it. For the most part people do try though.

I'm really bummed out for the thread closing again because I somehow feel that I had put an effort in making Debate Mansion a progressive and open forum where any issue could be debated openly. In the past we have had religious debates, political debates and hot button issue debates with people from all faiths and backgrounds participating in a fruitful discussion. We had our glitches, but for the most part we could discuss everything.

It is definitely not easy to be a Muslim today. I empathize with good Muslims all over the world who have to succumb to questioning, ridicule and discrimination on account of the likes of Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Some questions about Mohammad or the interpretation of the Quran are not easy. Some do sting. That does not mean that every human who raises a question or makes a criticism is a basher. In these times people have a choice, to either stand strong, come together and voice yourself as a Muslim and express how you want to shape Islam to be, or stand in silence and watch terrorists hijack your religion.

Unfortunately, you did neither. You took the third choice. You made the choice you claim you are not. You made the choice that you claim your religion is not about. You chose to be the terrorist. You chose to be the vile vengeful terrorist who is on a blood vendetta. You chose to be the terrorist who knows not to articulate or argue, but gun down anyone who has a voice. You are the Taliban Terrorists of the internets. You have a fixed notion of Islam hardlined in your brains. You are incapable of compassion, reason or understanding. Every time someone speaks a word against Islam you will gun them down. You will not let anyone have a voice. No counter point shall ever be spoken. Just like the Taliban only know to blindly hate the west, you blindly hate every person who may critique you.

If you have any ounce of humanity in you, if you have any bit of shame, if you have any understanding at how you negatively represent your religion and make it ever so more harder for people to love you - you will have the thread reopened and free speech restored. If you consider yourself a good Muslim, if you consider yourself a voice for your religion, if you consider it necessary to answer questions about your religion - you will have the thread reopened and free speech restored. If you are an intelligent citizen of the modern world and want to engage in debate and discussion about issues in our world - you will have the thread reopened and free speech restored.

But if you are indeed the Taliban Terrorist of the Internets, you fucking scum of the earth, piece of worthless horse shit, god damn you, I hope and pray that miracles do exist and you fucking grows some balls and brains or that God just wipe you of the face of the earth so you continue destroying Islam like a cancer of dimwits, making it harder and harder for the actual good Muslims out there. With douche bag followers like you, what religion needs bashers. You spit on your own religion based on the gutless, spineless way you represent it.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

r_t_h - Mother fucking Sick Bitch

Turns out the crusade against me is not over a silly joke. It was about something clearly different and did not even realize was offensive.Anyone who knows me well knows that I sure do crack a lot of politically incorrect jokes and can be meanly sarcastic However, the one thing that I will never do is actually genuinely disparage or disrespect a religion or belief system. Since I am a questioning skeptic some of my thought processes and questions maybe offensive to some conservative and traditional thinkers, but most mature and rational people give me a chance to explain myself. They may not agree with what I say, but usually people end up seeing where I come from and what my point of view is.

The title of this post is thanks to some brilliant mature minds who thought that it would be a lovely gesture to spatter these words in my honor all over a public forum. I'm honored to be famous.

Here is the offending post:
A different age and time is no excuse or justification for pedophilia, but it is an explanation for other things.

Due to high mortality rates, especially during childbirth and the need to keep having men to protect and sustain the community ' ancient society condoned a lot of things we find horrifying today. Girls were married as children and would consummate marriage as soon as they reached sexual maturity. The notion of consent did not exist.

Based on that it is likely that Mohammed married Ayesha when she was a little girl and consummated the marriage as soon as she had her first menses (it can be anything from 9-17). In his time it was a responsible thing to do as a husband and not rape. HOWEVER, if we have any sense of ethics and social responsibility, we have to accept the fact that this practice was inhumane and in all sense was socially approved rape. There is no possible way she could have given 'sound mind' consent or psychologically/emotionally understood the relationship.

I try to put myself in the shoes of a Muslim and try to think what would I do if the founder of my religion committed statutory rape (it is very difficult)
-          One option is to assume she was at least 15 or so when the consummation occurred. Even if there is no factual proof, it at least reflects a rejection and disgust with the notion of statutory rape.
-          Another option is to assume the founder is a flawed human and not a perfect human. He may have been a good man who brought about a lot of positive changes, but clearly he was seriously flawed and did not understand statutory rape. Maybe he was not a divine messenger, but a human for no divine messenger would lack such compassion
-          My personal favorite which I follow anyways is that religion is a social and cultural construct of time. As society evolves we are responsible to distill out the negatives and try to evolve our faith into something more socially responsible. Every religion has these difficult questions and murky pasts, you can choose to ignore or justify it, but the responsible thing is acknowledge it and make a commitment that the future will be better.

Of course I'm not a Muslim so I don't understand the religion as well, but that is how I would perceive it. You don't have to reject faith entirely, just the negative aspects of it.

Edit: I see Empti mentions that the Quran permits sex with a wife even before maturity. I'm not familiar with that, but from an anthropological standpoint for reproductive purposes the line was usually maturity. They usually had concubines for pleasure purposes. I'm making that assumption. 
Some responses to the offensive post
you people dont know anything but to bash Islam!
inshallah ull be facing Allah's wrath, Inshallah!
people like YOU bring in those terrorists and show as though theyre muslims, when theyre actually YOUR people, think about a million times before bullshitting about Muslims from now, Please!
 & b/w when you don't knw anything then plz shut urz mouth 
A person who worships  STONE and several GODS at a time...A person who worships someone who is the  man made fake character , who is filled with  all  kinds of flaws whose life is filled with mistakes and sins ...ARE here to teach us about our Prophet and Islam

Clearly, highly educated, sophisticated individuals who knew that verbal missiles are much better than asking me to clarify or give me a chance to apologize or re-explain myself. Anyway, I drafted a response for some people whom I have unintentionally offended in order to apologize and restate my views. The thread is locked for now, but posting it here just in case. I plan to post this if and when I get a chance.
For almost two days, I did not know what I had done wrong. I could not figure if it was my silly joke or something else more serious. I had a slew of people threatening me that I had been reported, but I was clueless as to what. No one quoted the offending post and stated why they thought it crossed the line. I even asked what had been done wrong so I could rectify it, but no one cared to answer. How can someone be expected to understand what is wrong, rectify any mistakes, if they are not told what went wrong in the first place. If only one single person had cared enough to take the time and tell me what I did wrong, I would have edited, apologized and explained myself. Perhaps the whole argument and mess of locking the thread could have been averted.

I eventually had to PM a DT member to find out what exactly I was being accused off.  My offending post is the first post on page 26 of this thread. I never was even aware of it at the time, but I am the first person to introduce the terms 'rape' and 'pedophilia' in the thread. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought it would have offended someone so much because it was meant to be an explanatory post, not an accusatory post. The entire intent of the post has totally been misunderstood. Now that I am aware of it, I want a chance to correct the mistake.

First and foremost I apologize for not being more sensitive in my verbiage and my assumption that both sides would get what I was trying to say. It was never my intent to mock Islam, Prophet Mohammad or actually accuse Prophet Mohammad of rape and pedophilia. That was the very last thing I had on my mind. So I hope people will try to put aside the bad blood and let me explain why I posted it and what I meant.

My entire intent was to try and put myself into the shoes of a Muslim and how might one reconcile our modern sensibilities with some serious allegations and concerns others raise with the past of Islam.

Statutory rape is intercourse with someone below age of consent. Unlike other rape cases, the relations in this situation is often consensual with both parties expressing happiness about it. It is rape not because someone was forced or abused. It simply means that one or both persons was below the age of consent. Although age of consent varies by nation to nation, it is a line we draw to protect adolescents who are not mature enough to give consent, adolescents are at risk of psychological and other damage, by engaging in physical relations before the right age. These laws mean a lot to family and communities in modern times because it gives us comfort that children are legally protected and there are systems in place to protect children who maybe damaged and hurt. It also brings sanctity to modern relationships by emphasizing the need for consent.

Of course these laws did not exist years ago. Humans did not even know what age of consent was. Most people probably did not even know why this was wrong. In fact marriage and marital relations was something honored and approved by society, irrespective of age or consent. Most people actually thought they were doing something right and good, not shockingly wrong. It is not just Arab culture, but across the globe you have instances of society approving child marriages and marital relations. Perhaps if I was born in that era, even I would not think like I am now and truly believe that my twelve year old daughter must be ever so content and happy to have relations with her 50+ husband and be thanking gods for her true happiness.

I'm also a firm believer that the society of the past cannot be judged by the mechanisms of modern society. The question however is not about judging the past but asking ourselves – Was that right and can we accept it? Are such mentions OK in religious texts? Since religion is supposed to be the guiding pillar of morality and right conduct – I personally find it very tricky and difficult to reconcile such notions of the past seamlessly into modern day doctrine. Somewhere, somehow there has to be a disclaimer that this is morally wrong and now that we know better we call it statutory rape.

So my intent was not to call Prophet Mohammad a rapist or pedophile. I'm not familiar with Islamic texts, nor am I going to bring up various Islamic texts to prove whether it was statutory rape or not. It was different back then. My question is more on the grounds that it is very plausible that based on our moral beliefs of today, Prophet Mohammad may have been deemed guilty of statutory rape. Since he is such a prominent, respected and revered figure in Islam how do we reconcile his history being prominent in the religion while still holding true to the morals of marriage and consent we have today. It is a difficult and painful question, I understand and empathize. I am sorry if the thought of such a question offends people. But the question exists, and deserves thought. We should not ignore the difficult questions and sweep it under the rug. Only when we tackle such questions and try to find answers does religion grow. Trust me, such a conundrum is not unique to Islam alone. Every single belief system that exists today has such difficult question and there barely is a single human out there who has not grappled to reconcile modern values with ancient religious texts and beliefs.

In the offending I tried to put myself in the shoes of a Muslim and figure how I might respond to such questions. Since, I was not raised Muslim and these beliefs are not near and dear to me, the response may have seemed cold and offensive. But it was not meant to be that way, and I hope that Muslims can be open to answering these questions in a mature manner. After all this is Debate Mansion – a place to find these answers. The real world is far harsher in the questions it poses not just to Muslims but every minority. In the real world, they actually will intentionally offend you and tear you down. What will we do then?

I wanted to close with some questions regarding the topic question – Is Islam a religion of peace or war. I believe all religions are intrinsically good. The real question is are we as humans people of peace or of war?

Most of you who came here and reported me, don't even know me. You don't even post in this section You have barely interacted with me. You don't know my history on DM. You don't know what I have posted in the past. You have no idea what my values, what my beliefs are and what stances I take. You saw one post and immediately drew conclusions and made assumptions about what my intent was. Not a single person drew pause to think that maybe it was a misunderstanding. Not a single person drew pause to think maybe we should respond first and see what the person has to say. Not a single person drew pause to think that maybe there is an amicable solution we can come to.

Everyone just saw that it was about religion, about Prophet Mohammad and unanimously decided – nothing doing – we will get this person. Not just that, but to the extent that you actually planned and conspired to come en masse bringing everyone in your circle, and literally bully me and the Dev team until some action was taken. You had decided that I deserved consequences for my words, and there was no going back. The entire fiasco was almost an act of virtual warfare.  Is this really the public face you want to give your religion, no questions, no answers, no discussions, no explanations, no second chances, no attempts for mutual understanding – just thick hard lines draw out where you deem fit.

Again this isn't against any particular group, but something in general everyone who wants to engage in debate should consider. Are we engaging in debate or are we engaging in war? Are we people of civility or mob mentality? Are we going to act as people of peace or people of war? And that is something only each individual can answer to themselves.