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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chronicles of the Perv-O

So there is an online pervert on India Forums who sends private messages to people and harasses them. The person has been banned umpteen times but resurfaces again and again. Usually these freaks never harass me. My vampire av and sarcastic sense of humor tends to ward the imbeciles off. Finally the jerk decided that even I had to be to receive his nonsense. Big Mistake! Huge!

At first I was a good kid and reported it to the development team. I believe they plan to ban the person. However, after a while I could not resist. I just had to respond back to the jack ass. After all I worked in IP-Relay for two whole years. I spent 10 hour shifts with teenagers using relay for their perverted and juvenile kicks. I've been desensitized to this kind of shit. Maybe other people are modest and just walk away from such situations. For me, you don't mess with the Hades. So I decided to send back a smarty pants response and see what happens. Chronicling them for kicks.

Caution: The following contains crude and graphic language

Chadu_jiii: tera kohi boyfriend nahi hai na...Chedu koo apna samaj...(You don't have a boyfriend right, Consider Chedu yours)

return_to_hades: Jey aap ko cock ass mei pasand hai jey aap cock ko suck karte ho. (Do you prefer to take a cock in your ass or do you like to suck on it. Jey is an ode to Sunny Leone's bad Hindi)

Chadu_jii: kaisi hai meri bulbul (How are you my sweetheart)

return_to_hades: Well first you got to tell me what you like. Do you like to take a cock right up your ass or do you like to suck on a cock. You think your ass can take whole twelve inches? I ain't interested in pussy twinks.

Chadu_jii: kaisi gandi ladke hai tu (You are such a dirty girl)

return_to_hades: C'mon dude, you're the one soliciting people. I'm keeping it reals here. Do you want to be double penetrated?

Chadu_jii: dene hai ja nahi...(Do you want to give or not)

return_to_hades: What do you want?

All right you show yours I'll show mine. Send me some nice pics of your titties and your bung hole. Then I'll send you my dick.

Btw what is your ASL? I'm 42 male, in Anchorage. I run a biker bar. You like Harley bears?

Chadu_jii: why u have't told u are male...sorry wrong number...bye...

return_to_hades: No don't go. I am male, but I like boys. How old are you? I like young boys. Have you ever been with a man. I can be your sugar daddy.

This could be the end of our conversation. If not I'll keep up the chronicle.

1 comment:

Jill said...

LOL you talked about your cock from the start but he didn't realize you were "male" until you gave your ASL. El Perv-O is a real GENIUS!