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Monday, December 5, 2011

Taliban Terrorists of the Internets!

Warning: This is perhaps the most profane post of mine that ever will be. It is violent, it is abusive, it is crass, it is wrong on many levels, but I really need to vent. First and foremost, it is difficult for me to digest the trampling of the very basic freedom of speech and expression, especially on the internet. Secondly, I cannot stand being treated in a holier than thous condescending manner. Next, I don't like being shut down, called out and rebuked even when I express myself in a polite respectable manner. Finally, it is that time of the month and it is just the cherry on to top the shit pile.

To my Muslim friends: You know who you are. Once after speaking to an Evangelical preacher, I came home flustered over people trying to 'save' me. The first thing my mom said was 'I hope you were not rude'. My mom didn't raise me to disrespect anyone or their beliefs. I maybe a questioning, walk to the beat of my own drum kind of person, but the one thing I am not is a person who will disrespect someone else's beliefs. But you my friends already know that. You have been my pals, my buddies growing up. You have been my teachers, my guides, my mentors. You have been by me through good times and bad. You know that I have deep respect for your beliefs. If you have read my past posts, you know that I have always raised my voice against Islamophobia, discriminatory or abusive behavior. You know how outspoken I am about misperceptions and misunderstandings in the United States. You know I am always with you a friend. This one is not at you, but rather for you. This one is directed to the asinine jack asses, dick heads and jerks who call themselves Muslims and make life harder for the good Muslims out there.

This one goes out to the Taliban Terrorists of the Internets. A very select bunch of low life scum of India-Forums that claim to be Muslims. Snooki's booger has more class than them. Amoeba has a higher IQ than them. Its already begun...so here goes nothing.

Are you fucking kidding me? You got to be totally shitting me? You imbeciles had that thread closed again. I thought I might be patient and give you a chance, but what a big bunch of loser douche bags you are. I mean seriously. How far up your ass do you have your heads? It will take an era to get your head out your asses and a few more eras to get you up to speed with man kind. That is if there is even human DNA in you. I doubt if there is any hominid DNA in you. You probably got thrown up as rejected regurgitated vomit waste of an alien species that got hurled at earth. You don't care, you don't think, you don't have compassion whats sort of heartless, soulless, lifeless beings are you?

You wanted to know why IF bans you from discussing the personal lives of celebrities. Because you are a bunch of fucking retarded dicks. You are just a bunch of dicks with a massive hard on for whatever loser celebrity you are obsessed with and jack off to every night. And when someone even says a small critique against the celebrity that they did not like the acting in an episode, you engage in this massive ugly bout of dick sparring. You jizz all over the internet with your celebrity obsessed dick sparring. Damn! Take it outside will you! Like the rest of the world gives a shit that you can't sleep without jacking of to KSG or the only joy in your life is the fantasies you dream up about Maan and Geet or whoever. The fucking forum can't hire an army of million nannies to keep you bunch of dicks in line. They fucking can't hire a million janitors to clean up all the jizz you spew over the forum. Thats why they fucking just tell you don't discuss celebrities. You imbecile morons. If you were just normal well adjusted intelligent human beings, we wouldn't have to treat you like moronic dicks.

Do you know why they allow religious debates and controversial topics on Debate Mansion. It is because for the most part it is a forum of grown up, mature people. Our life does not revolve around celebrities and TV shows. We actually do care for other things that are going on in the world. We are not super intellectuals or better people, but we are people who like to give thought to who we are, what we stand for, who others are and what others stand for. Debate is the channel through which we raise questions, demand answers and hopefully foster a better understanding of ourselves and others. Things do get tricky when it comes to religion. Religion is something so personal and intimately ingrained in a person's self identity that it demands a delicate balance. It is not easy to raise questions about religion, questioning faith and belief while maintaining that delicate balance. People do try though. Of course there are the moments where lines are crossed and tempers flare. Of course there is that one person who just does not get it. For the most part people do try though.

I'm really bummed out for the thread closing again because I somehow feel that I had put an effort in making Debate Mansion a progressive and open forum where any issue could be debated openly. In the past we have had religious debates, political debates and hot button issue debates with people from all faiths and backgrounds participating in a fruitful discussion. We had our glitches, but for the most part we could discuss everything.

It is definitely not easy to be a Muslim today. I empathize with good Muslims all over the world who have to succumb to questioning, ridicule and discrimination on account of the likes of Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Some questions about Mohammad or the interpretation of the Quran are not easy. Some do sting. That does not mean that every human who raises a question or makes a criticism is a basher. In these times people have a choice, to either stand strong, come together and voice yourself as a Muslim and express how you want to shape Islam to be, or stand in silence and watch terrorists hijack your religion.

Unfortunately, you did neither. You took the third choice. You made the choice you claim you are not. You made the choice that you claim your religion is not about. You chose to be the terrorist. You chose to be the vile vengeful terrorist who is on a blood vendetta. You chose to be the terrorist who knows not to articulate or argue, but gun down anyone who has a voice. You are the Taliban Terrorists of the internets. You have a fixed notion of Islam hardlined in your brains. You are incapable of compassion, reason or understanding. Every time someone speaks a word against Islam you will gun them down. You will not let anyone have a voice. No counter point shall ever be spoken. Just like the Taliban only know to blindly hate the west, you blindly hate every person who may critique you.

If you have any ounce of humanity in you, if you have any bit of shame, if you have any understanding at how you negatively represent your religion and make it ever so more harder for people to love you - you will have the thread reopened and free speech restored. If you consider yourself a good Muslim, if you consider yourself a voice for your religion, if you consider it necessary to answer questions about your religion - you will have the thread reopened and free speech restored. If you are an intelligent citizen of the modern world and want to engage in debate and discussion about issues in our world - you will have the thread reopened and free speech restored.

But if you are indeed the Taliban Terrorist of the Internets, you fucking scum of the earth, piece of worthless horse shit, god damn you, I hope and pray that miracles do exist and you fucking grows some balls and brains or that God just wipe you of the face of the earth so you continue destroying Islam like a cancer of dimwits, making it harder and harder for the actual good Muslims out there. With douche bag followers like you, what religion needs bashers. You spit on your own religion based on the gutless, spineless way you represent it.

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I hope the person/people towards whom this was directed read it.