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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Taty Nostalgia

I spent the past few hours watching old Taty music videos on Youtube. I was watching to Lena Katina's 'Never Forget' on Youtube and all of a sudden I felt extremely nostalgic. The tatu.ru forums was one of my first virtual home on the internet.  I've never found an online community that was as warm, welcoming and fun as the Tatu forums. There are a lot of cherished memories connected to that forum.

It seems like just yesterday I joined the forum and the members created a thread to intepret my user name Return To Hades. There were a lot of fun threads like that like the battle of the sexes where the guys and girls battled it out, even discussing the nuances of Prostye dvizheniyaing. Or the life saving British to American dictionary thread where the Europeans finally discovered that peanut butter and jelly was not some disgusting combo, but peanut butter and jam, delicious goodness in all worlds. Then there was the day of the great modspiracy when we the moderators got together and locked up all the threads that we thought were stupid. My personal favorite would always be the accent showcase thread where we went to town with dear Stella and I had my usual shenanigans convincing people to record the phrase "fuck me I'm famous".

I miss the deeply philosophical discussions we had on love, sex and everything under the sun. Or better yet when we analyzed the songs, coming up with various explanations or interpretations, finding all the metaphors and symbolism. Why don't you find forums with such meaningful discussions anymore?

I miss waiting eagerly online for hours to catch the first radio play of a new single. Or patiently waiting online for someone to finally post the recording of a concert or television performance. Or the sinfully delightful indulgence of getting our paws on leaked releases or rare footage.  And oh the excitement of finally having our hands on the very first demos of the songs.

I miss writing and reading fan fiction. I remember writing my first fan fiction and feeling really apprehensive and hesitant as a writer. I was even more nervous when I decided to write erotic and steamy fiction, which apparently I could execute that well enough too. It was lovely to receive feedback as well as enjoy other people's works in a closely knit fan community.

I miss my online chats into the wee hours of the night, sometimes all the way until dawn. Discussing everything under the forums, fan fiction, the songs, the band, the music, the girls, and especially the girls and our conspiracy theories on how they were someday truly going to end up together. Or how we would have our own trauma support group if Taty ever ceased to exist. I've made some good friends through those endless chats.

Most of all I miss the infamous virtual couch. That little couch all of us Yullen fans, the believers managed to hide behind. The little rebellious bunch of us vagabonds who managed to hold onto dreams and fantasies forever. And oh the love lives threads, all the various versions of them where we kept debunking tabloids, yellow press and other fans theories.

Taty is now gone. Thankfully, we all moved on without needing serious rehab. The forum is still there but the charm of the old is gone. Some old folks are gone and some remain, sometimes even I nostalgically lurk by for a few fleeting seconds reminiscing on days gone by. 

I miss the folks who created these memories so here's a shout out to all those who I can remember. Some of you I interacted with a lot, some of you I just lurked around. Some of you I'm in touch with, some of you have disappeared. Do happen to drop a shout out if you ever drop by - Vikince, Seinas, Buka, WinterBlue, Dean, Tichy, Ka-Boom, Jon, Bristan, Numen, Xena225, ArnaudFrenchy, Maraja, BlackCat, Shagratha, Anneke, Odette, Ev, Jam-One, Dawn, MasterOfSensation, Sunrider, IvyRevolution, Volkster, YaVernuz, Teady, Necromantic_Angel, JBTatu, Juliette, Property_of_Yulia, Devushka, Ruiville, Demon_Star, Albi, Machiavellism, NathB, JoJoTatu, Zvezdi, Insain4Tatu, MarkPriest, Julian, Howard, Vicky_Tatu, Forre, Miffin. BillieChaz, Joost, Vicente, Nabil, Konami, NFNE and even my two nemesis 2-J and RowerB.

Wow thats a lot of people.

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