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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Audacity of Hope

The audacity of hope is the intrepid boldness of it. It is hope that arrogantly disregards all logic, all rationale, and believes that it can break all barriers to accomplish the hopeless. Such was my audaciousness on Tuesday, June 5th. Such was my foolish notion that Scott Walker would be recalled as Governor of Wisconsin and all would be good and right in the world again. It was gall full of brazen belief, filled with the temerity of rebellious youth.

And it would be that very temerity that would shatter my heart to a million broken pieces. I was so filled with the blaze of hope that what is good and right will prevail that I didn't even prepare myself for the outcome. My first reaction when the news media called the election in favor of Scott Walker was scoffing disbelief at their ludicrous coverage. After all who calls an election with only 11% reporting. As the night progressed and the chances seemed bleaker by the minute, the disbelief faded into bitterness, resentment, anger and disdain.

How could the people choose this? How could the state actually favor Scott Walker? How can we actually choose corporate greed over the people? How could we let wealth and elitism quash the people who are the backbone of this nation? I could not help but be overcome with rage. I cussed at the ignorant masses and the self centered elitists. So distraught I was that my ever cheerful eternal optimist soul decided that its best to convert to pessimism. The real truth is mankind is doomed to fail. Might as well just look out for oneself with extreme cynicism rather than for everyone with foolish hope.

Over the weak though the negative thoughts have faded and hope has been filling in again. In the end it is easy to play the blame game, but how often do we accept our own flaws. No human willingly chooses wrong over right. People always try to choose what is best for them. If they end up choosing unwisely, then it is because they did not know any better or they see something we don't. That is why I have no contempt or anger towards all the people who stood with and voted for Scott Walker. They simply did what they believed to be right. To a certain extent I completely empathize with many of their viewpoints.

For one I am not a fan of Unions, especially not Unions the way they have become these days. If corporations are selfish entities trying to squeeze everything out of employees, unions are also selfish entities trying to squeeze everything out for themselves. Unions result in many negatives like entitlement, incompetence, wage inflation, unfair hierarchies, excessive benefits and a bullying atmosphere of sorts. I'm not a fan of taxes either, especially excessive taxes that serve others more than me. I don't like the fact that my hard earned money goes to support people who don't deserve it. I don't want strangers living off my hard work fraudulently, undeserving and at the expense of my family and its happiness. When faced withe economic crisis and difficulties like debt, foreclosure, unemployment one cannot help but feel spiteful towards entitled people who reap the benefits. In difficult times one cannot help but admire and gravitate towards someone who promises wealth, stability, growth and a whole lot more in business terms.

The failure of my people, the liberals, the haters of Scott Walker who wanted to reclaim democracy for Wisconsin is that we didn't empathize or understand our friends and neighbors. We were so wrought and caught up in our passionate discourse that we never gave pause to the other side. We never stopped to listen with an open heart and mind what they wanted to say. This was not just about our side or their side, it was about the State of Wisconsin, our collective future. How could we win if we completely ignored or disregarded the other side.

In spirit I am a passionate bleeding heart liberal. My heart years to see Scott Walker defeated. But in all practical sense I am a moderate liberal. I don't want to think for just myself, but I care about conservative viewpoints as well. I believe that there is a middle ground where we both can agree on.

There are two sides to everything. Unions over the years have had many negative sides as well. However, the right to collectively bargain is something fundamental to being American. Our nation itself is a federal 'union' of autonomous states that represent our collective interests in the world. The ability for people to come together has given us many things like fair wages, weekends, 40 hour workweeks and protection from our hard work being abused. Why not reinstate collective bargaining and let us figure out other legislative means to prevent entitlement, enforce fairness and create meritocracies. Tax breaks don't create any more jobs than taxation does. We have our own perceptions on taxation. Why don't we meet and collectively decide a tax system that taxes us fairly justly and serves like an investment that reaps dividends. Rather than expose the flaws in each others sides, why don't we come together and find the good points and chalk out a plan to improve economy and the job situation.

It is the audacity of hope and the temerity of rebellious youth simmering in my soul again. Perhaps it is my intrepid boldness but it is my brazen belief that someday we will cast aside these divides of liberal vs conservative created by incompetent selfish politicians and come together for the collective good of all Americans.

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