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Sunday, July 15, 2012

14 years later

Last weekend I fixed my sister's unused bike. I took it for a test ride, and was disappointed to find myself winded in just five minutes. I can walk ceaselessly for hours together. When it comes to walking I'm like an energizer bunny with tireless energy. Biking, unfortunately makes me a pussy. I live in a valley and all roads to anywhere are an uphill climb. It just knocks the wind completely out of me and leaves me gasping for breath. I'm tempted to give up and just keep walking. But I want to keep pushing on. On Tuesday I pushed myself to bike a trail, walking the bike every time I hit a hill. I'm committed to bike now. I got some gear like a water bottle holder, lights and a bike rack for my car. I got an annual trail pass. I'm going to bike the trails all summer and improve my stamina and endurance.

I still wonder why I am still such a sissy when it comes to biking. The last time I biked was when I was 16. That is almost 14 years ago. The 30 year old body is definitely nowhere to the fit, exuberant body of a16 year old. Even though I biked everywhere as a teen, the town I lived in was tiny and relatively flat. My regular bike rides to school or for chores were less than half a mile. The longest I ever rode was at the most 3 miles. I never really biked more than 20 consecutive minutes. It appears I am doing much more than I ever did in my life (although playing entire games of field hockey without ever being subbed and the endless hours of training definitely were calorie burning). I'm committed to biking and pushing myself to the max. I believe and hope with practice, I will definitely be biking miles, going uphills with relative ease. Here's to keeping fingers crossed!

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