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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Living with Immaculate English

I finally finished reading the Hindi Chandamama I started earlier this week. With work, a final exam due, watching movies and Glee, chores etc; the timing was not too bad. I actually did not struggle as much as I expected to. Of course I don't read with the speed and ease I read English. I read much more slowly. I sometimes have to reread sentences to fully grasp the meaning. I also find myself struggling with a words, especially the merged letters like in वक्त (waqt - time) , भिन्न (bhinn - varied), प्रसन्न (prasann - pleased), तांत्रिक (tantrik) , बुद्धि (buddhi - wisdom) ,  सन्तुष्ट (santusht - satisified) etc. The key point though is that I get it and fully understand. My Hindi does not suck balls as much as I thought it would. Although, I don't hold a lot of words in my vocabulary, I immediately recollect from them from school studies them when I read them.

Some born and raised Americans who study English lifelong have weak reading and cannot read as well as I do. I figure that my Hindi is still quite impressive compared to that. For sure it has to be much more impressive than people just learning it recently. I'm just lacking practice and confidence. I think with practice I can pass Hindi tests with ease.

My next task is to read a Hindi edition of India Today from June 2012. This will be way more complex than Chandamama. Instead of short stories intended for children I will be reading news articles, opinions, editorials and Hindi discourse at a much more technical and professional level. At this point I am quite confident that my Hindi skills are well beyond the minimal requirements of foreign services. But I have to keep practicing, just so that I feel better as an Indian.

On a random side note, my handyman skills are quite alright. I thought, sitting at home I had become quite inept with fixer-upper skills. Today, my mom gave me the task of watering the plants. While I was doing that, I found that some of the pipe connections had pretty bad leaks reducing the pressure of the water. Despite tightening, removing and refitting the connections the leaks continued. So I had to eventually get spanners and tighten all fixtures. All leaks were fixed in no time. Sounds quite a simple task, but it has been ages since I used tools. It was nice to use them again. Not to mention it was in the sweltering, burning heat. I felt accomplished like a man.


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