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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The right to bear arms

Growing up guns were a novelty. I saw the occasional gun in the holsters of cops or in the hands of armed security guards here and there. However, if you wanted to see a lot of guns on display, you had to go to a museum. They were such a rarity that a hunting rifle in one of my relatives house inspired awe and fear. Even though the gun was casually laid in a corner of the house with no case, covering or protection none of us kids playing on summer vacation touched it. We were a precocious and curious brood who got into a lot of trouble but one trouble we would not even imagine getting into was the gun. We are were convinced that if we did so we would die. Even today as a thirty year old grown up I'm uncomfortable in the presence of guns. I'm convinced that I will die.

So you can imagine the shock when putting back returns at Wal-Mart brought me to the sporting goods department. I saw an aisle full of guns. Big guns, small guns, long hunting rifle, tiny stubby pistols, all kinds of guns. Not just guns, there was ammunition as well. I almost peed my pants. Wal-Mart sells those guns. If you ever want to raise an army or go on an anarchist rampage you want to go no further than Wal-Mart. It still baffles me why you can walk into a store and buy a gun.

It was even more perturbing that we let "Americans" buy guns. I think I might have felt safer if Indians could buy guns easily. Bombay would have been a more violent city with encounters and gang violence. But most Indians are relatively sane. Most probably would not know what to do with a gun. As for the rest who might, even gang bangers with guns give you a significant amount of safety and comfort.

Americans are a whole different ball game. They be crazy! At Wal-Mart I learned Americans are scary people who bitch and abuse when they insist on returning a perfectly functional DVD player a few days after using simply because they didn't want it anymore. They buy clothes that don't fit and return it when there is a fitting room to prevent that dumb ass error. They fill their carts with stuff they cannot afford and then leave 3/4 off it at the counter because it cost too much. They start a riot if something cost a penny more than a display price or if the line at the checkout counter is longer than two people (don't even ask what they do on black Friday). They have a hard time counting 12. Apparently 19, 27, 33 and 45 are all different versions of 12 in the American express checkout line. They let children run around unsupervised and play with things they should not and when the kids fall like they deservedly should when they run on soapy wet floor they blame others. The mom glare is non existent in this nation and all a kid has to do is throw a hissy fit to get any amount of salty sugary snacks they desire. Frail old people and handicapped people walk miles while fat people use handicapped parking spots and need scooters to move around. Seriously! Everything is messed up and all the people are bat shit crazy! How can you trust them with violent weapons? Don't you see the possibility of them killing each other to get the last item on sale on Black Friday? Don't you see the potential of bratty little kids gleefully prying guns from the cold fingers of uncaring parents in a hissy fit and doing something stupid?

I think most people  see the danger but there is apparently some huge caveat in denying Americans their toys aka guns. The constitution of the United States of America guarantees every American citizen the right to bear arms. Personally, I find the notion of bearing arms amusing. Living in a world where arms are not accessible to the average civilian the only arms I think of are the arms that are attached to peoples shoulders with a hand attached at the other end. Often times when I think of the right to bear arms I think of myself prancing around the American landscape like Goddess Kali and her skirt of arms. In fact the constitutional right to bear arms makes me feel that my government should give me the right to get myself a skirt of arms and go shopping at Wal-Mart for mundane stuff. The constitution does not allow me the right to bear a necklace of skulls or a severed head, so I would have to make do with my skirt of arms.

The constitution does not really define what an 'arm' exactly is does it? I mean if there were any restrictions or limitations people could only buy simple arms that you have to reload frequently. No one in their right mind would allow deadly automatic arms to be sold that could kill dozens in seconds right? But apparently you can buy those arms too. So I assume the 'arm' is ill defined. It really sets my imagination sparking in all sorts of crazy directions along with skirt of arms. Perhaps I could walk around in a full medieval armor and design my own coat of arms. Considering the recent drought and heat wave that might be sweltering bad idea. Perhaps I can be a shadow ninja and stealthily move across the city with my nunchucks, katana throwing shurikens at assholes. Although that would require some serious ninja training on my part which I feel too lazy for.

That is why I decided that one day when I am rich. I am going to build an enormous mansion with its own nuclear reactor. I know there are a lot of regulations around nuclear reactors and I will never get the permitting. But fear not, I don't intend to use the reactor for nuclear energy. I'll still give the power company its daily bread. I'm going to use the reactor to power my missiles and warheads. As far as I am concerned the constitution gives me the right to bear arms, nowhere does it say "except nuclear arms". So disarm North Korea and Iran if you will, but as an American citizen I have the right to bear arms, ancient, modern, human, artificial, harmless, lethal, manual, automatic, normal and nuclear. I have the right to bear arms as I wish. Period! End of discussion!

ex nuclear missile silo Zombie MOC

On a serious note, I'm a pacifist. I probably would never bear arms, skirts, nuclear or otherwise. My conscience could not bear to bear arms. And it is my conscience that often puts me in an ethical conundrum every time there is a shooting like the recent shooting in Colorado. I'm a libertarian. One thing I truly admire about the United States is the value for freedom and liberty. I deeply respect the bill of rights. Whatever my personal beliefs, I respect the fact that the United States government gives its citizens the liberty to defend themselves, their loved ones, their property and nation. I've met many people who do bear arms, and do it with responsibility. At the same time I'm a very soft hearted pacifist. The implications of arms always weighs on me. Even a small unintentional mistake can cost a life. In the hands of the wrong person, a lot of lives are on stake. Human life is too precious for that risk. Saving even one innocent life is worth stripping the rights of millions of citizens.

There is a middle ground though I think. A balance between the liberty of citizens and the sanctity of human lives. Guns definitely don't kill people. They kill people no more than knives, cleavers, blunt objects. People kill people. Deranged, unhinged, with no compassion it is cold, cruel people kill people. Sometimes stupid, reckless, moronic people kill people. We can't blame an inanimate object that can't kill on its own volition.

We can't even blame movies, music or other media influences. I saw a lot more violent films and played violent video games as kid. As a teen I spent hours killing up people on Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein. I even liked violent games like wrestling. Even today, if I play GTA - I go on rampages killing cops and hos because I suck at completing actual missions. But I still have a good heart and am a pacifist in real life. I have empathy and a conscience, I value life. Violent games or movies don't make people bad. A lack of empathy or conscience makes them bad.

It is unfortunate that these tragedies turn into political games with gun control lobbies and NRA lobbies battling it out. These tragedies should actually bringing us together to assess what we can do "together" to address gun violence in the United States. Switzerland has even more lax gun control laws than us with more guns per capita than anywhere else in the world. Yet, the name Switzerland evokes the alps, cheese and peace not gun violence. What we ought to do is find out what makes Switzerland so peaceful and what we can do to make our own nation as safe as theirs. Liberty without the price of life. In the meantime until we do so perhaps we should embrace a few minor curtailment to our liberties. Like perhaps a definition of 'arms' and preventing people from buying excessive, deadly arms. Drawing a line for what 'arms' can be borne by 'civilians' . And of course preventing skirts of arms and household nuclear arms as well.

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