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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Just because I'm a liberal

Just because I'm a liberal does not mean you bombard my inbox with dozens of messages about the same thing over and over and over again. Yes, I know that I have the option to unsubscribe from your list and cease receiving this emails. The thing is that I actually do want to receive the emails. I would like to know what is going on politically, socially and economically. I would like to know who is running what race, what the latest news is and what people really stand for.  I've signed up for only one or two updates, but it seems that there are dozens of different organizations that email me. I'm perfectly fine with that. My background in marketing makes me tolerant of the fact that organizations share lists and mutually promote each others interests.

There is a limit to it though. There are marvelous things known as planning, logistics and organization. If a dozen different people email me the same thing, ask for the same repeated donation the impact is diluted and I'm most likely to ignore and delete the emails. Streamline your lists, know who is emailing what to whom when. Do it practically and efficiently. If there is a rally this weekend, one email is sufficient. If you are fund raising, know that I cannot and will not donate every day, every week. In 2008 I was more than impressed with the way Barack Obama harnessed the power of social media to propel himself to the White House. It was smart, intelligent and one of the finest uses of social media marketing I have seen. Unfortunately now, the entire Democratic campaign machine is equivalent to the crappy penis enhancement emails that flood inboxes. Progressive politics is being promoted like it is some cheap knock of Viagra pill that will solve the penile erection problem of the nation magically. I'm sure it is the same with the conservative end as well. Stop! It is fucking annoying and sickening.

Just because I'm a liberal does not mean I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off because Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate. I'm not petrified that the sky is going to fall on our heads and the world as we know it will come to an end. Sometimes I seriously wonder if the whole world is an ostrich with its head buried in its sand. Right from the get go I knew the Republican Primary was going to be pointless. It was clear as daylight that Mitt Romney would get the ticket. He seriously was the best of the lot. All that back and forth over Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum was just smoke and mirrors. I can't believe the media even wasted its time speculating who would get ahead and what cards they would play. A brainless zombie or an alien visitor from Mars could have predicted that. And I don't know why liberals are so sickened by Mitt Romney still. Yes, he is a conservative, he is good for the rich people and will be a burden on the middle class. I'm not voting for him. But even as a liberal we have to admit he was a good pick from the other side. We also should be commending conservatives for not falling for ultra right wing hate mongering nut jobs and picked a candidate who was more serious about fixing the economy. Kudos to them for getting their priorities right.

When Mitt was picking his running mate, I had a 90% gut instinct that it would be Paul Ryan. Again, I don't get why it was so secretive and surprising. It is simple elementary deal political folks. Paul Ryan is a rising young conservative politician. He got a lot of popular attention with his budget proposal which made him a darling amidst fiscal conservatives and small government advocates. He hails from Wisconsin, a swing state that has been in the center of political crosshairs for a long time since Scott Walker's election. Not to mention an energized swing state where the political momentum shifted in favor of the Republicans when Scott Walker survived the recall election. Mitt is often perceived as soft and a flipflop conservative who appeals only to the educated upper class fiscal conservatives. He needed a running mate who appeals to the more hardcore conservative factions of his party and the blue collar workers. No one fits the bill better than Paul Ryan, a Republican from Janesville a very low income blue collar town in Wisconsin. Let us not forget that Paul Ryan is young and extremely good looking which can appeal to youth and women, two groups that tend to lean democratic. It might seem irrelevant, shallow and frivolous, but those factors count as well. And before we give Mitt Romney bullshit over picking Paul Ryan and tear him down - let us pause for a moment - whom would we he rather pick - Sarah Palin? Other than Marco Rubio all the other allegedly considered candidates were worthless nutjobs like Chris Christie, Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal etc. Rubio could have brought in the vital Latino vote, but lets see how it plays out for Mitt. I'm glad he chose wisely because even if my choice does not win - I know the White House won't have nut jobs. Paul Ryan maybe uber conservative and religious too, but I have never heard him being hateful and spiteful like Santorum, Perry or Bachmann.

Just because I'm a liberal does not mean I'm willing to twist philosophy to suit my needs. I'll admit that Ayn Rand is a fucking bitch who deserved a tight slap across the face. When I see her in hell, I'm gonna give her two on each cheek.  I cannot stand her philosophy and critique of altruism. However, Ayn Rand's philosophy was not all about selfishness. When you quote her words on "virtue of selfishness" and leave it at that, you do some selective editing and don't present the whole picture. According to Rand, selfishness in itself is not a virtue, but what she means is that there is some degree of virtue in selfishness. She states "each individual should exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself". While she encourages a degree of selfishness in encouraging the person to think for themselves, nowhere does she advocate using, abusing or disenfranchising other people to get there. She does not discredit altruism in its entirety but states that altruism at the expense of ones own self is not pragmatic or rational.

Think about it this way. You have a moderate amount of wealth. You are at the cusp of poverty and middle class. Pure altruism would have you give a share of your wealth to those less fortunate. That means that you and everyone else remain poor. However, if you were a rational egoist, you would keep it to yourself until you actually have enough to give without making yourself poor. Similarly, taking care of the elderly, the homeless, the poor, the minority are all noble and altruistic thoughts of compassion. But that does not mean that it is always pragmatic and rational. A nation could overburden itself and prevent its prosperity if it sacrifices rational growth interests for sentimental compassionate interests. Rational egoism does not ask you to be evil or selfish, but to be practical in how you distribute wealth. You also have to consider the environment Ayn Rand came from. She came from the Soviet Union where communism had failed into a corrupt structure leading to widespread poverty and no capable individual had opportunities to rise on the basis of their own merit - both the capable, incapable, hardworking and lazy suffered equally in poverty. Now I disagree with Ayn Rand and believe there is value in compassionate interests. I feel that moral fiber, charity also do invest in society and have long term economic benefits. But I'll have a proper epistemological argument about Ayn Rand's philosophy without misrepresenting her as evil or purely selfish. I can prove her wrong by pointing flaws in her logic, not in her character or person. Same goes for Paul Ryan.

Just because I'm a liberal does not mean I'm going to gladly nod my head at everything liberal politicians or organizations say about politics. I'm not a sheep to follow anyone blindly. To be honest I think they preach to the choir and bleat the same thing repeatedly without making a good solid case for what they are saying. Although to be fair the conservatives do the same thing. Just a bunch of political cult leaders whipping their brainwashed masses into a frenzy. There is no discussion or debate on what is good for the country, but constant accusations that the other person is bad for the country. If the other person is so wrong, what is your alternative. In that sense I give Barack Obama credit on the fact that he always says "Here is what we would do" "This is what my plan would entail". He does try to hit the basic points on why is plan is more efficient or better for the country. That is one thing that I like about him. My real beef with him is consistency, follow through and delivering on those claims.

I honestly cannot say that about most other liberal politicians or leaders. I hear all the cra-cra on why Paul Ryan has a horrible plan to turn medicare into vouchers but no discussion on how we can save medicare as we know it and why it is necessary not just morally but in a pragmatic economic sense. I hear all the cra-cra on why Union Busting is a terrible thing but no discussion on why we need unions, why it is an economic necessity and how we can prevent unions from holding economic growth hostage. The thing is that me and other liberals (some not all) know these things. I know what better alternatives are there to Paul Ryan's budget, I know why taxing the 1% is not unfair, I know why Union busting is bad, I know why the voter ID bills will disenfranchise voters. Most of the people you bleat it to know it or are sheep who will believe anything you spoon feed them. What we need is bipartisinal discussion that reaches across the aisle. Liberals are failing to reach even in the rationalists and moderates in between. They are doing the exact same thing they accuse conservatives of doing. The thing is to explain people bitter towards unions why they are still good, tell those who are wary of voter fraud on why they need not be so afraid, tell those who fear immigrants why immigrants are also good for the economy.  In a heated debate over Kathy Nickolaus vote counting error, a conservative whom I had debated with on FB sent me a message to thank me for being polite and making good points and said he had been banned from the group. Anytime a conservative posts their views on a liberal group they are banned and prohibited from expressing their views. Conservatives are Americans too. What is the point if you don't care enough to reach out and partner with half of America? They are sensible people who can be convinced as well. We are all Americans and we need to stop letting politicians and organizations from influencing us and discuss amidst ourselves.

Just because I'm a liberal does not mean I'm some jobless hippie wearing some commie shirt. This is to all the conservatives who make sweeping generalizations about people who vote for Obama or support movements like Occupy Wall Street. It always infuriates me to see the baseless jokes about liberals being made everywhere. I'm actually  a business major who will be getting MBA very soon, Thank You very much. I probably have studied a lot more about business and economics than people on both sides who discuss these subjects like they know shit. I'm also a big believer in the American dream. When I was born in India; my parents, my grandparents, my aunt, my aunt's friend and our cat all lived together in a one bedroom apartment. I didn't have many toys and played with magnets and wires which were inventory in my grandfather's small business. Today in the United States we own a five bedroom house and three cars. We have a nice upper middle class lifestyle with big screen TVs, DVDs video games etc. We did not get here overnight. We worked hard for it. My parents did not have fancy high end jobs. They worked at Wal-Mart and JC Penney. We made it on low income retail salaries. My family could not afford college, and I'm not brilliant enough for a scholarship. I worked full time and paid my way through school and yes accumulated student loan debt as well. We made it because of that word most liberals tend to dread austerity.

But we were favored by luck and some opportunities as well. Just because we made it does not mean that everyone else has the equal and fair opportunity as well. It also does not mean that the system is unbroken and needs no fixing. Throughout our struggle in life to get to a better place we have seen unfairness, disparity and lack of opportunity. We have seen many problems that need fixing and many solutions that can be implemented. We have seen unethical unchecked business practices, unfair exploitation of labor, and many numerous flaws of the free market system. We have seen how education, opportunities and substantial investment in poor and disenfranchised communities can actually pay rich long term dividends to society. The results are not instantaneous, but over time society and economy can thrive so much more. I'm definitely not like the liberal stereotypes many conservatives seem to hate. In fact my family is more like Joe the Plumbers, a bunch of hard working middle class people who worked to get where they are and are worried if the government might take it away. Actually, to us even Joe the Plumber is like a billionaire. How dare he cry about having to lose a little of his $250,000? The only difference is that unlike Joe the Plumber we are not uneducated, loud mouthed, stupid dicks who shoot off illogical gibberish - we are well educated and can see both sides of the debate.

Just because I'm a liberal does not mean I'm some far left loon really. In a sense I am that jobless hippie wearing the commie shirt. I am also Joe the Plumber, an average middle class Joe. In a sense I am also that young wall street banker as well. I'm also the farmer, the peasant, the local kid who loves our mom and pop stores. I'm a tech savvy, computer oriented person into e-commerce and e-business. I'm also a hermit who loves nature and preserving a world of old. I'm something moderate, I'm in between. I'm just an American who wants what is right for America. I follow a liberal ethical code and vote liberal because that is what I believe as an American to be right for America's bright future. But I'm also open to debate and willing to explore options and admit that I'm human and sometimes I make mistakes too.

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