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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Bucket List

Yesterday, when I wrote about Susegaado; I expressed my wanderlust in a lame attempt to woo my latest musical crush. That got me thinking about my passion for travel and bucket list in general. I'm not sure if it is appropriate to call this a bucket list. It is more like a wishful thinking list. A set list for my dreams. Most of these wishes were on my list of things to do before thirty. While I have accomplished some like traveling the Great River Road, eating Unagi and sea urchin roe - visiting Brazil, going on a pilgrimage to Lords, seeing the change of guards - a majority of my dreams are still unfulfilled. Here is my wanderlust on steroids - in no particular order.

1) Travel Historic Route 66
2) Hike the Appalachian Trail (at least some day trip segments)
3) Hike the Montana Narrows (at least some day trip segments)
4) See fall in New England
5) Go Shark Diving in Cape Town
6) Backpack across Europe (belongings stuffed in a backpack and a Eurail pass - no reservations)
7) See the Northern Lights
8) Learn to speak Spanish
9) Learn the Cyrillic alphabet
10) Meet some Melungeons
11) Meet some Eskimo
12) Meet some Australian aborigines
13) Travel the historic Grand Trunk Road
14) Travel the old Silk Road trade routes
15) Ride the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to Vladivostok
16) Drive on the Autobahn at 120 mph
17) Join the mile high club
18) Drive along the Konkan and Malabar coast
19) Visit the Amazon
20) Take a riverboat down the Mississippi
21) See the Plitvice Lakes
22) See Machu Pichu
23) See the Ayers Rock
24) Go to an Olympic event
25) See the Hagia-Sofia
26) Ride the modern Venice-Simplon Orient Express
27) Ride the Rocky Mountaineer
28) Eat Puffer fish sushi
29) Muster the courage to eat escargot, blood pudding and beef tongue
30) Write a book and get published
31) Visit all seven continents
32) Retrace Aenas historic journey from Troy to Rome
33) See the Great Barrier Reef
34) See the great Pyramids of Giza
35) Take a dip in the Devil's Swimming Pool
36) Go Sky Diving
37) Learn to fly a single engine plane
38) Learn to ride horseback
39) Go on an African Safari
40) Take the Nairobi to Mombasa train
41) See Petra
42) See Yellowstone National Park
43) Walk as much as possible on the Great Wall of China
44) See Stonehenge
45) Kiss the Blarney Stone
46) Take the ferry from Calais to Dover
47) See St. Basil's Cathedral
48) Hire Hookers at Las Vegas and make them watch Bollywood movies with me.
49) Visit the Galapagos Islands
50) Karaoke in Tokyo drunk on Sake

That is all I can think of now. Every time I read about something cool or interesting, I want to visit or do - my list will expand. I'm not one for marriage, but if you are a rich and charitable person willing to fund all these extravagances I will be willingly obliged. On the opposite spectrum, if you don't mind being dead poor living a hand to mouth existence trying to do all these things and find the idea incredible - let me know as well. I'm yet to meet someone willing and able to do all this - and suffer in the process.

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