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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Sacred Code

I feel sorry for Prince Harry. He is just a single young man who wants to have some adult fun. So what if he is a Prince? Beneath all that he is just your average hot blooded Joe. Who hasn't done thing things that are embarrassing? Who hasn't had a wild night of partying and regretted the next morning? And if you are in Las Vegas it gets even crazier. Casinos, Night Shows, Clubs, Parties, Strippers, the sin city has everything. Every night the city witnesses drunken debauchery and raunchy partying. There is always a bachelor/bachelorette party, a road trip, a boys/girls night out that goes well beyond crazy.

But what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. It is the sacred code. It is not just about sin city. There is just an unwritten code about socializing. You don't kiss and tell. You simply don't do it. Not only is it uncool, but it is damn unethical as well. Whether it is with friends or strangers you hookup with, there is an unwritten expectation of discretion and privacy. That everyone will indulge in good harmless fun to the extent of their pleasing. No one will go to rat anyone out, embarrass anyone, share secrets, release embarrassing images or violate privacy in anyway - unless there was something criminal or non-consensual was taking place.

As a Prince and someone in constant media attention, Harry messed up. He acted with indiscretion. However, his big mistake is not partying or playing a game of strip pool - but hanging with the wrong crowd and not being discrete about who he invited to his after party. As a celebrity and public figure he probably learned an embarrassing lesson and will be more careful about the people he lets loose with. But a young man should have the freedom to have fun. It is unfortunate that celebrities and public figures are held to such unfair and microscopic scrutiny.

It is nice to see that people are standing up for Prince Harry though and telling the gossip mongers to lay off. He didn't do anything harmful or criminal. Yes it is probably embarrassing to the royal family, but it is about time we let them be human beings. No one knows about the wild night Joe Schmo down the street had with the girls he picked up - so should it be with Harry. In fact shame on the girls who violated the sacred code for their fifteen minutes of fame. Shame on the girls who are selling images, seeking media attention and spilling embarrassing details about Harry's weekend in Vegas. Shame on the people who think it is ok to violate privacy and embarrass people for a few quick bucks.

What I am surprised at is why no one has brought up what would happen if the tables were reversed. How would the girls like it if some guy (or Harry) they partied with started posting their naked pictures all over the internet? What if some guy (or Harry) was going to the media and spewing out dirty details on all the girls he got naked or banged in Vegas? There would have been a witch hunt and huge backlash in the media. The images would be deemed pornographic exploitative. There would be a hue and cry about being disrespectful to women. There would be a good dozen lawsuits over violations of privacy and claims of all sorts of mental trauma inflicted. Our society has double standards. Harry's picture gets leaked. He is not a victim of privacy violation but it is front page news of the Prince gone wild. But if Harry is the one leaking pictures, it would be exploitation and privacy violation.

Let us stop the double standards and call out the people violate the code. People who do that should be ashamed.

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