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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Farewell Soft Kitty

Soft Kitty
Warm Kitty
Little Ball of Fur
Happy Kitty
Sleepy Kitty
Purr Purr Purr

Today we bid adieu to a beloved companion. Our pretty little diva, our soft kitty Nikki Chan. She had been suffering from kidney/bladder issues for a while. Recently, it took a turn for the worse. She did not eat or poop for days. Upon a visit to the vet we discovered that her kidneys had failed. It was effecting the rest of her body. We could have put her on IV, but the quality of life would have been poor and painful. The doctor suggested putting her to sleep before she suffered worse.

She was loved and cuddled a lot in the morning. I gave her, her favorite belly rubs and sang her soft kitty. She knew that she will be loved. I told her she will be going to the happy place of furry friends where Pickoo, Socks and Aria are waiting to play with her. Then it was time to let go.

Up there in furry heaven, the must have played a fun game of chase and are cuddling up watching down on us human companions stuck here.

Will love and miss you soft kitty!