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Monday, April 8, 2013

I've morphed into a Wasp

No. This isn't about a bizarre metamorphosis into an insect a la mode Kafka. Although, I do wonder if there is some metaphor or allegory hidden within my own transformation. Before I proceed I ought to tell you that the wasp in question here is the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. A wasp is a disparaging term typically used to refer to high society white people. Nowadays, it has become more generic as a catch all to any white person who isn't a part of any minority.

Obviously, I'm not white. I should clarify, I am not undergoing some sort of Michael Jackson phenomenon either. It is just a realization of the world I have become wrapped up in. On Sunday our trivia team was invited to the wild card round of the team trivia tournament. This wild card round took place on the east side of town at a place called Murphy's tavern. They were trying to promote Murphy's as a new location.

The east side of town is a part of town I rarely go to. The only time I cross the area is when I go to the airport. Otherwise, my extent of Madison stretches from the west side to downtown. And of course the Olbrich and Willie street neighborhoods. We west side folks are too cool or too posh for the east side.

So as we approach this tavern we realize it is a tiny, dingy looking place. The signs cash only, no credit card or checks isn't promising. When we finally enter, my jaw drops a bit and I immediately feel uncomfortable and out of place. I don't know how to describe the place. It is wide open, with a bar and a bunch of older blue collar type folks having beer on a Sunday afternoon. A typical Hicksville hole-in-the-wall kind of dive bar.  I'm totally feeling like a fish out of water. Typically, I am a fish out of water in most social places, but this kind of takes the cake. It is unlike any bar or pub I have been to. I must add - they also have a "meat raffle". You buy these raffle tickets that win you deli meat. Only in Wisconsin.

We find a place in a corner to sit while we wait for trivia to be setup. Whenever people enter the bar we can discern who is here for the drinks and grub and who is for trivia. Every trivia person has a shell shocked exceptionally perplexed look on their face. My friend joked how it was just like Ladysmith, the small middle of nowhere town up north where her parents are from. I started rambling about how I'm spoiled. I only go to bars that have good seating, good food and good service - the kind of place where you don't just drink - but chill and eat some tasty eats. Thats when my friend joked that in Madison we're privileged and tend to stick to waspy places.

No wonder they call us thirty square miles surrounded by reality. Not only are we super liberal. We're privileged in a way we don't even realize it. Even colored folks like me have been pampered with Wasp like services. We barely have any ghettos or projects. Even our worst neighborhood is like upper class Manhattan. Even our immigrants don't eat gas station food or shop at dingy places.

Madison, WI - Sodom on the Lake - Where every colored immigrant and minority is privileged like a wasp.

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